Plextor Premium 2?



Pardon my ignorance, but what is the Plextor Premium? I keep seeing it over and over, but never find it on the U.S. Plextor web site. People keep hailing it as the king of burners, but why isn’t it marketed more then…

What is the story of the Plextor “Premium” drives?


The Premium was the top of the line 52x cd-rw burner. It was superceded by other drives, like the P
PX-5224 and PX-230, then Plextor Japan and Plextor Europe reintroduced the drive in a new version with AMQR (Audio Mastering Quality Recording). Plextor America has some Premium2, but is not marketing them because of the price–very pricy compared with the $29-39 commodity drives available today. It is an excellent drive, especially for audio mastering. If you’re just making MP3, anything will do.


Does the Premium burn DVDs?

Where can I find the Premium 2?


No, it’s only a cd burner. The Premium (1) is still my best cd-r burner in my rig.



I bought a 2nd Premium before Plextor announced the Premium 2. :frowning:


for CD audio the best is Yamaha F1 !


The Premium 2 has the same Audio Master mode as the F1, plus it has BLER scanning abilities and all of the other Plextor-only features, so I’d say it outshines the Yamaha drive.


If the Premium just had DiscT@2…


anybody know how i could get ahold of one in Canada? the great white north?


You can purchase one by contacting Plextor Inside Sales direct at 800-886-3935. They do have a limited supply of this drive available for $179 in the U.S


I found it one here in the US but this is not a retail…
OEM bulk Drive With software disc
and 90 Days Warranty and they not Answer about the 90 days Warranty ???


Is there any head to head comparison of Yamaha F1 and Plextor Premium 1 or 2?