Plextor Premium 2 flashing Amber Code

More times than not when I put a cd of any format or type in my cd burner, I get the amber flash code of 2. According to Plextors site it means the drive could possibly be defective. This is a brand new burner just installed a week or so ago. The funny thing is that its intermittent. Sometimes I try and use it and its just fine, then other times it just wont read a cd at all, just the 2 flash amber code appear. Then I can wait for a bit and try it again and it will work.

I have my hard drives on SATA controllers, and using IDE channels for CD Roms. I have my plextor as a master drive on IDE 1, with a DVD player set as a slvae to the plextor. My IDE 2 just has a zip drive on it. Other system specs in sig.

Let me know if you can help before I return this thing…LOL.


You can try running the drive as master on the secondary IDE channel and leave the slave position empty. This is the recommended set-up. Which IDE drivers are you using for your computer? If the problem persists you should try to contact Plextor support. Also, try running the self-diagnostic test. Please report back!

Well, I tried eveerything in the book to make it work. I finally RMA’d it back to Newegg. Received the replacement today. Hooked it up and all is well in CD burning land!! Turned out to be a defective drive afterall.

One question though, what is the little allen wrench included in the package for??

Thanks all!!


It’s not a little allen wrench. The eject tool is used to manually eject a disc if your system locks up or power is off. You just stick in the hole in the front of the drive front panel and push.

Yes indeed, you should only use it in case of an emergency and when your drive cannot eject its tray automatically anymore.