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Our friends from have taken a look at the PlexWriter Premium drive. As some of our
visitors will know this Premium drive is packed with new technologies and is one
of the first…

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I just read the whole review. Features alone, this is the best drive around. However, I am amazed on how nitpicky the reviewers are regarding speed. So it’s “actual” speed is somewhat between a 48x and 52x. So what?! Sheesh. Am I the only person who remembers 2x writers? Am I the only person with patience left on the planet to wait a few extra seconds! /rant off

Speed is what many people want to see. If you can wait a few seconds => even better :smiley:

“Speed is what many people want to see” . Yah, its a shame. But it’s so easy for reviewers to recite stats based on speed. It’s much harder to do a review on something subjective like quality.

EZCD? My Premium came with Nero… and Plextools ofcourse (baaaaad interface, extremely cool program)

All American Plextor drives are shipped with Easy CD Creator. Europen drives come with Nero/InCD :smiley:

SD2/SD2.51 are now supported out of the box !!! Strange all ohter models from Plex. do have prob. with this and need special prog. like CloneCd or other. But now out of the BOX!!!

That’s one nice review. CDRLabs did a good job.

All I know is, I absolutely LOVE mine and wouldn’t part with it, at least until something seriously better comes along. This thing is just awesome to work with on a daily basis when you’re making dozens of CD’s.