Plextor PlexWriter 16/10/40A review

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On Neoseeker you will find a review on the PlexWrite 16/10/40A CD-RW drive. This IDE drive is capable of writing CD’s at 16 speed, rewriting at 10 speed and reading at 40 speed. The drive also…

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duhh offcourse It`s a great drive… it only sucks that it is an ide drive and not a scsi :frowning:

I quote: Conclusion The Plextor PX-W1610TA is an excellent drive; Its fast burn times coupled with BURN-Fast technology Burn-Fast? Thats great! In any regards, I have the drive and it rocks! The Burn-Proof feature is a godsent considering I had an HP9100 before and countless buffer-under coasters… Shame I cant copy SD2…:c

Yes ,Plextor was the best untill DIDN’T WANTED COPY safedisc 2 . Now for this isn’t number 1 .

Yes, it’s the best drive around … for the safedisc 2 thing I use my 8/20 SCSI Plextor burner :slight_smile:

All Im gonna say is that Plextor isnt the only one who cant copy SD2… And I wont buy a shitty drive that could either… I had a HP 9100 and loved it… I gave it up cause Id rather have a 16x write and 10x rewrite with BURN-Proof something the HP’s and Sony’s lack… Keep in mind that the Sanyo chipset may be to blame… Sanyo uses its chipsets in most CD-Writers and those that use it cant write SD2… Those that have it that can have a previous version of the Chipset… And speaking of firmwares I dont see any new firmwares for the PLextor 161040a anywhere… Might tell you something you think? Just some light…