Plextor PlexWriter 12/10/32S and Firmware Patch to burn 8 cm Media?

Hi all!

I recently bought some Verbatim 8 cm CD-RW media to record MP3 files on them. I’m using a portable CD player that can also play back MP3 and WMA files. These tiny CDs don’t bother me too much when I’m carrying my player and medias around.

Unfortunately, my very faithful Plexor PlexWriter 12/10/32S won’t burn that media. I am using Nero as burning software.
Nero claims that the media inserted into my CD recorder is not empty.
When I use my Pioneer DVR-104 instead everything works just fine (still using Nero So, I suppose this problem is due to my Plextor CD recorder.
Are there any firmware patches available to make my PlexWriter burn on 8 cm CD-R(W) media? Obviously, these CDs don’t fulfill the Orange Book conformance and, as far as I know, Plextor drives are very much developed according to the Orange Book.

Thank you very much for any firmware patch hints in advance!