Plextor - please upgrade PX-130A firmware!



This drive DOES have issues and needs to be resolved, more media needs to be added, DVD-R DL reading, and also the ATA100 speed seems to cause issues with nForce4 motherboards.

Please update the firmware! :sad:


I would be satisfied if I could just find one for sale in the U/S.


I got mine from Belgium, a friend bought me one…it’s a sweet drive. Though not tested fully as yet. It’s a quiet drive also.


Have you tried ripping any DVD movies yet? I saw one poster who reported some pretty fast ripping speeds.


Although it’s true that Plextor is known to read through these forums it would be better to ask for new firmwares if you contacted them directly :wink:


Anybody know when this drive might be available in the U.S. ?


I have also this drive. I bought mine about two month ago from a german Internet shop.
It’s extremly silent - even at fast reading!

I also got an nForce4 Motherboard like Richard Dower (MSI Neo4 Platinum with nF4 Ultra) and it runs very well.

Or I better say, I got the drive twice. One on the NF4 and one on a VIA KT133A Motherboard from Chaintech (from early 2000). And it seems that the drive has more problems on this chipset than on the nF4. Both computers are running Windows XP + SP2

I found out that the drive has problems with some CDs/DVDs that aren’t in a perfectly condition anymore - especailly with extracting music CDs and burned media. Pressed CDs and DVDs are read perfectly at high speed (if they aren’t to scratched). But this problems were a lot greater with the VIA KT133A Chipset. But probably this chipset is to old to get correctly supported in these days…
I tested some burned and some pressed music CDs on both chipsets. On the nForce4 they were almost perfectly extracted. But on the VIA chipset some CDs produced more than 150 jitter errors (especially the burned ones)… I used CDex 1.51 to extract on both computers.

So I think Plextor should do something about error correction and audio extraction and then this drive will be a VERY good drive, because it’s very fast and very silent - only the above mentioned read strategies need some improvements.

Hope this was a good report… :bigsmile:

edit: and of course the support for DVD-R DL is needed, like the thread starter wrote. :iagree: