Plextor & Pioneer and 90min CDR's


I have Plextor 121032 SCSI burner. I use NERO program for burning. I bought 90 min CD’s from SmartBuy(made by prodisc). I burned DiVX files on them. Burning was without errors, but the CD’s are hard to read. I use Pioneer 106 DVD and it does not read the disc everytime I insert it. Sometimes it reads them, but at low speed- around 6x maximum. Even Plextor does not read them very well. Altough it reads almost any 90min CD I burn, but sometimes it resets itself a couple of times to found the disc. I used 4x write and 8x write, but CD’s are still hard to read. Is this a bad medium or bad combination of Writer and reader for 90 min discs ? Does a burning program have effect on 90 min CD quality burn ?
Help appriciated

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Your 800 MB disc is as bad as most of them…you should try datatrack.