Plextor PIO4 in bios, DMA in windows. normal?

I have a plextor 16/10/40A
when i boot up, the bios information says my drive is PIO4…when i get into windows the drive is in DMA mode

is this normal?

uh…don’t all jump at once

Yes the drive uses MultiWord DMA mode instead of the full UDMA33 mode (recognized as UDMA mode 2 when booting). Nothing to worry about but Windows XP might have some problems with it (it will run the drive in PIO and it’s hard to ‘convince’ Windows XP that the drive supports MultiWord DMA).

If Windows ever start recognizing it as PIO and you have a VIA chipset, den go to Device Manager, find VIA Busmaster and uninstall/delete it. After reboor, set each device to DMA enabled and maybe reboot once more. Now it should be all set.