Plextor PC-based PVR with MPEG-4 and DivX hardware compression

I just posted the article Plextor PC-based PVR with MPEG-4 and DivX hardware compression.

The PX-TV402U allows you to connect to a satellite TV, cable TV or broadcast TV signal and record programs to your PC. You can then watch the video from the PC or burn it to DVD for…

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why would you need a much higher CPU for WinDVR5 in Mpeg4 mode? I thought it had Hardware compression? Also, P4 is actually better than AMD Athlons in encoding, that was one of the last bastions of Intel. Of course this may not hold true about AMD64, but plextor probably doesn’t want to say you need an AMD64 for this product.

It depends… DivX is encoded faster on a P4 Xvid is encoded faster on a AMD

Well, it seems really cool at first, but this device does not encode the soundtrack to mp3 - only to PCM, so the resulting divx files are very big compared to mpeg-1, mpeg-2. Plextor plans to add mp3 support but it will cost more money and will require more processing power.:c

Why in the world does it require a 2.4GHz cpu?! i though it did the encoding in hardware! i mean wtf i can do real time divx encoding on my comp. with my all in wonder card, why would i want this box if i require that high specs anyway?

You can compress the sound later with Virtualdub + Lame ACM MP3 codec, which will cost you no money at all

If that thingie would offer HDTV res’ it would get my interest, but so it is kinda old and outdated IMHO.