Plextor owners are maybe awaiting a surprise with new CCD

I just posted the article Plextor owners are maybe awaiting a surprise with new CCD.

When i looked trew the forums today i found some interresting news from a guy called, Greffel.

It seams like the new CloneCD v4 makes perfectly good backups of SD v 2.51.
Thats good news for…

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I was hoping you like it! And it is even better: Same works with a lot of writers, e.g.: YAMAHA, RICOH, ACER, PHILIPS, SANYO, Cyberdrive, …


So which Plextors are we talking about here? Just the two latest, 24x & 40x?

Someone tried it already?

You know what… I’ll tell you something… If you don’t want to buy a new writer. You go to the net and you try to find a good old scsi plextor 4/2/20… Yes, I said 4/2/20… You put in the first firmware by plextor… the 4220_101. Now, you use clonecd and listen… Absolutely EVERYTHING write well… :4

:slight_smile: I can`t wait to try it!!!..i Hope my yamaha 2200e can SD 2.51!!! @ work so when i got home i will try to copy MOHAA again!!!..and post my results here!!! ps>keep the good work!!!(olli) :7:4

But what’s the deal with not being able to make the usualy settings when trying to copy a CD? All you get to do is select what type of media it is. Am I doing something wrong?

Yeah…and what PLEXTOR burners are you people talking about? (crossing my fingers for my 8432A)

DinahMoe. Rightclic on the type of media you want to make and choose Edit. Voila, access to the usual Settings.

You the man Dazz…thanks man:)

Glad to help :).

WOW! I just got a great surprise! Seems my Plextor 8432a isn’t compatible when writing an image to disk. YeeHa! Anyone else get this error? Regardless…great program!

Hey erma,I thought I was the only one still using a 4/2/20 plextor with firmware 1.01 still haven’t found anything it can’t burn :wink:

yeah peterkro I thing that for a long time, we can continue to sing in front of our plextor during it does the right job.:stuck_out_tongue:

@DinahMoe: >WOW! I just got a great surprise! Seems my Plextor 8432a isn’t compatible when writing an image to disk.< It is a bug, sorry. Next version will fix it. But there is an easy workaround: Right click on the writer. Select “Settings”. A window opens. Click “OK”. Now you can burn. (This applies for all writers which became “incompatible” with CCD4 BETA 9) You only have to do this once. If you exit CloneCD and start it again, you don’t need to do this “trick” again.

Yeah… Plex ROX and Lite-on again in 2nd place. :slight_smile:

All non Liten On Writers - Just test it for yourself, it´s faster than waiting for postings in the forum

Hello all, seems that Plextor (PX-24/10/40) is not capapble of writing SD2.51 correct. The backup copy is only readable correct in the burner itself. )(Use “hide cdr-media” option in CloneCD-Tray to play the game with the backup copy). :slight_smile: On other CD-drives the copy will not run, because of some read errors in the beginning of the disc (weak sectors not written correctly.) Solution: Burn the backup-copy to a CD-RW media. This will be written absolute correct and can be used on all CD-Drivers. (Worked with MoHAA german release) :wink: