Plextor OS Update?

I previously had Win98 on my PC,with a Plex W2410a(or something like that :)),and in updating my box to Win2k,I heard
a loud noise when playing ANY cd,store bought,burnt,you name it.
So my question is does Win2k auto-recognize the burner (my brother said it should,since he’s done it before),or must you get drivers from Plextor? Thanks to all who reply :bow:

where dose the soise come from? the drive or the speakers? and what do you mean about recognizing the burner, do you mean recognizing it as a burner, or just recognizing it all together?

Well,Matt,the noise comes from the burner,a strange thing that
sounds as if the cd was about to break into a 100 pieces. I meant if it (the burner) requires additional a software addition since it it’s now on win2k as opposed to the previous OS.

The device should be recognized anyways, and probably is since it is getting current. Double check that from system devices. It should require no special drivers. Maybe a fw update would help anyways.

The noise that your drive does, does it do it from within? i mean is it a direct result of the cd spinning or is it some sort of noise coming from the case due to syncronization? If it does come from the cd does it do it with all cds that you load?

Yeah,Hemi,ALL of the Cds,and from the sound I get,it’s coming from the drive itself. I saw it recognized by the system in ‘my computer’,and on ‘startup’,but I scratched my head why it didn’t work after just playing a few hours before via Win98SE. Mind you the original software was not loaded once Win2K was applied.
Thanks for your replies thus far. And no Ruff handling of the drive
was EVER done,you don’t keep things that way…:a

Ok a few things i need to know:

*Does the drive have any other problems besides the noise? Does it read the CDs you load it with?
*If not, have you tried reading any CD under dos (boot with startup disk)? Does it read then? (if it is OS related then you should get it to read).
*Did you do anything else besides updating the OS? Did you change the drives’ configuration (master - slave-primary-secondary)?

What i suggest (if you don’t figure anything out from what i have asked/proposed already):

*Check the wires/configuration/jumpers
*Try the drive in any other available 9x system if any (to see whether it works or makes the same noise)
*Try a fw update

Check back as soon as you figure it out (if not then check back anyways :wink: )

Thanks,Hemi,I will try your suggestions,and post when I’ve come to a conclusion. Thanks again :cool:

Well.I got it back and it works good,primarily because it’s a different unit,albeit the same model,with one
exception: The recording buffer flucuates
when writing any cd(mp3,cd-rom,audio,etc). Although this doesn’t result in a coaster,the panel comes up saying the buffer underun technology has prevented errors,and a great deal of them,sometimes as much as
77 errors when i wrote a Video CD. Can you tell if anything is wrong by my description? Thanks to all who reply…

99% sure you haven’t enabled DMA for your writer Ruffrob. Please check this thread how to enable/check it.

I checked out the thread you pointed me to,and although the Transfer Mode Setting is correct (DMA If Available is
selected),Nero Info Tool still says DMA is
not on for my Plex writer. Just to let you know,my Plextor is the master,and my Samsung DVD-Rom is the slave,and DMA is on for the Samsung.Hit me back when you can… I haven’t got a coaster yet,but the fluctation problem still exists.

Maybe a mb chipset driver update might help. If you’re using an intel chipset, you will find intel’s application accellerator very useful (should take care of the dma setings)

Actually I’m using an AMD processor (2K)
but I’ll look around in other places,and still check back here. Thanks to all who

One more thing,I use PowerDVD,and was able to turn on the DMA in the Plextor. My
question is should DMA be turned on with both (the Samsung,and the Plextor)
or just the Master which is the Plextor?

DMA should be enabled for all drives (best performance) unless you encounter some sort of problems which are DMA related.

Indeed, always enable DMA for all your drives for best performance.

Originally posted by Ruffrob
I haven’t got a coaster yet,but the fluctation problem still exists.
That’s because your drive’s buffer is constantly drained because it’s not fast enough to keep up. You didn’t get a coaster because of the drive’s buffer underrun technique called BURN-Proof which pauses the burn process when there’s no data available. Perhaps you already knew this but just thought I’d mention it :wink:

Yeah,Gamefreak,I did know that,it’s one of the reasons I upgraded from my 8/4/32,but thanks for telling me anyway:)
Since I’ve been able to turn on DMA in the Plextor writer,my problems are solved,i’ve been able to write MP3,and VideoCD’s without a hitch. Thanks to all for your kind help and assistance,you guys should go into psychiatry…:wink: