Plextor orders DVD burners from Lite-On IT

I just posted the article Plextor orders DVD burners from Lite-On IT.

Digitimes is reporting that Lite-On IT has landed orders from Plextor. The website reports: "Lite-On IT has also landed PC-use DVD burner orders from Japan-based Plextor, following Plextor’s…

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Benq got absorbed by LiteOn, new plextors are going to be LiteOns… So who is left? Pioneer and NEC. Optorite was also making DVD writers using sanyo chipsets, but I haven’t heard from them in a while. So it would seem LiteOn has successfully become the biggest DVD maker. Sad day…

What about Sony? They’ve had a number of decent burners, though some of them were rebadged Benq. Sad day, indeed.

Sony / NEC merged their optical drive divisions together into ‘Optiarc’. Not too many left now, to be sure. Isn’t Pioneer even using NEC hardware?

Well, it’s exactly like I said when cdfreaks posted that quote from the Plextor Europe or something guy that said “Plextor will still sell” Plextor branded drives. I hate being right in cases like this :c

Soon there’ll be only LiteON drives! Amazing. Time to stock on some good (non-LiteON) burners, still available for sale… :wink:

At this moment for pc drives there are left: Lite ON LG Samsung/Toshiba NEC/Sony Pioneer Incase of slimdrives you can add. Nu (TECH)/QSI Only blu ray. (the rest they outsource !) matsushita Pioneer is ussing some of the components made by NEC (chipsets and stuff) however the end design is still Pioneer I think. Does anybody by the way know who makes that ultra slime external drive for plextor ? Because it seems to be continued.

Jeez, the news is more than a bad news for Plextor, it’s flushing the Plextor brand down the toilet.

LiteOn is a monopoly now! :d They are going to own all the DVDRW hardware companies. :+

It doesn’t necessarily mean that Plextor will be using rebadged Lite-On drives. Lite-On may be using their facilities to manufacture drives to Plextor’s specifications. Or, it could mean that they’ll be using re-badged Lite-On drives. Personally, I don’t think Plextor’s quality is what it used to be anyway. The 760A seems flimsy to me, especially when compared to a SCSI 40/12/40S that I have in the same system. Cheaper drives seem to have a better build quality than my 760A. Plextor’s strength is in the firmware. Also, haven’t Plextor already used re-badged drives before now?

Rebadged Lite On drives will still have better firmware from Plextor than from Lite-On.

Meh, I like pioneer and LG more anyway. Who is going to pay through the nose when they find out plextor is a liteon, I wonder?

Why so negative? Plextor can choose any manufacturer they want, but apparently they have all confidence in Lite-On as a reliable partner. Ligth up! In every branche, brands outsource their production!