Plextor or pioneer?

i need an advise: yesterday i went to the shop to buy a plextor dvd burner (plextor 755A/T3) and the shopkeeper asked me why i picked a plextor, he said that the pioneer 111D is good as much as the plextor with the characteristic that is cheaper.
which is better?


My personal choice would be the Pioneer 111D…


Here too.

Plextor once was great. Great drives > acceptable price.
Nowadays you can get the same and better features from other drives paying only half the money… Probably that inspired Plextor to “invent” such a nonsense like 18x DVD±R burning… waaaaah.
Even good 16x burners can burn at 16x and reach the same time - but better quality.

that’s exactly what the shopkeeper said…i’m going to order the pioneer :slight_smile:

thanks to both :slight_smile:

Yep, both the shopkeeper and chef got it spot on. :iagree:

Enjoy your Pioneer! :bigsmile:

If you do not need bitsetting get the pioneer. If you do I would look at other choices as Pioneer does not bitset DVD+R or DVD+RW, ie Benq, NEC, LG, or Liteon. If you can find a plextor 716 it is about one of the best drives available…but the other plextor stuff is either rebaged or overpriced.

It’s not fully correct what you said about Bitsetting on the 111.
But it’s slightly too early to unveil more specific info. Sorry.

Yes, true if Buffalo comes out with a bitsetting version of firmware you can crossflash the drive. But, that isnt available yet, so what I said is true that there is no OFFICAL Pioneer firmware that bitsets dvd+R or DVD+rw. If you have some knowledge that Pioneer is going to start doing this that would be great news. :iagree:

What you said about Plextor isnt completly true either though, the Plextor 716 with the latest firmware is better all around than the 111 in writing (especially dvd+r). Now the 111 only has one firmware out so far so they have room to improve. I do have the 111, kind of wish I would of gotten the 110 as then I could bitset…oh well I will just wait for new firmware…

The forum hold some intersting info about this matter. :wink:

hmm not seeing any links to the dvr-111 or 111L firmware there…plus lightflash is unavailble in the U.S.