Plextor or Lite on

Everyone loves there Lite on DVD burners and everyone loves there Plextor burners. Do you think it’s worth the extra $$$ for the Plextor PX-708A or is the Lite on 811S just a good value? I’ve have read alot of reviews and I’m still undecided. Can I get a little feed back of what you think:bigsmile: I don’t mind spending a little extra if it’s worth it.

:bow:Thanks for any comments:bow:

Here are my suggestions:

  1. Buy a LiteON LDW-451S and flash it to an LDW-851S.
  2. Buy an NEC ND-2500A.
  3. Buy a Pioneer DVR-107D.

All 3 are great burners. You can’t go wrong with any of them.


Umm, no, not everyone loves their Lite-On DVD burner.

My Lite-On LDW-811S is the worst POS of a DVD burner (or even type or burner for that matter) that I’ve ever owned.

My personal recommendation is do not buy the LDW-401S, LDW-411S, LDW-451S, LDW-811S, LDW-851S. The experience friends of mine have had with all these drives, is very poor indeed.

The only thing it is any good for now is Kprobe scans.

If you were to buy a Lite-On burner, you shouldn’t get anything other than the 812S, since it seems to be a fairly decent burner, but certainly not #1 in write quality.

And there are alot of better & cheaper burners than Plextors range.

But my Recommendation is the NEC ND-2500A. It’s one of, if not the best quality writer out there. I love this drive.

The Plextor PX-708A is expensive for what it is now. It’s probably the most expensive DVD writer on the market, and it doesn’t support (and almost certainly never will support) 8x DVD-R.

Plextor have announced the successor to the PX-708A, the PX-712A, which sounds a very nice drive indeed (not least because it has support for PI/PO measurement using supported tools) - save that there’s no indication whether or not it will support dual layer DVD+R. If it does (or Plextor confirm that it’s going to be upgradeable to support dual layer DVD+R with firmware that will be released after launch), it will most likely be a good drive, otherwise it’s arguably expensive for what it does. It doesn’t matter whether or not you want to use first generation dual layer writing - it’s a question of whether or not the specification justifies the price tag.

The NEC ND-2500A is a good choice. I’m somewhat upset with mine, in that it’s in a cardboard box under my desk at the moment waiting for an RMA number (it suffered some kind of failure yesterday at two months old - though the tray works, it no longer loads any media - it could well be some kind of straightforward mechanical mishap, but I’m not going to try to sort it for hopefully obvious reasons), but there’s always “infant mortality” with this type of product.

As Locutus says, it’s a good writer, though some find it’s a poor reader (mine, however, was fine at both when it worked - though all my discs tend to be in good condition).


Thanks for the input. NEC ND-2500A does seem to be a pretty populer burner. The reason I never really considered it is I have a NEC 17" multisync FE 700 moniter that drives me crazy. It flickers to a blueish green color constantly and when it doesnt the white is more of a light blue color (it starts off white after 10 minutes or so it flickers a few times and turns light blue). I paid alot of money for this thing a couple years ago. I just expected it to last longer:( So anyway I didn’t really want to give NEC anymore of my money. I’ll have to think about it. Maybe I’ll give them a chance to redeem themself? I do like the price though.:iagree:

Thanks again for your replies

I was thinking of getting a Plextor, but I’ve been told a lot of pple had defective units that would not read/write CD’s, some would even scratch CD’s. Not good.

I’m now trying to decide between Pioneer DVR-A07D and NEC ND-2500A (which is sold as Pacific Digital drive). NEC is a little cheaper, but somehow I’m more confident in original Pioneer then a rebranded NEC. I can’t even find any firmware updates or even product info on the NEC site. Any thoughts?