Plextor or Lite-on Cdr/rw Drive

My trusty old Plextor 8/2/20 scsi drive has finally died, I’ve read all the reviews on Cd-Freaks and it’s come down to the following drives.

Plextor 401240/S SCSI

Plextor 48/24/48A E-IDE

Lite-on 52/24/52 E-IDE

Which would everyone recommend?

Thanks in advance for any help.

If you mainly burn audio, go for the Plextor drives.

If you care more about copying protected discs, the LiteOn is the better choice.

If you still have your SCSI card in your system (I guess so) the 40x SCSI drive may be worth it for you. The advantage, besides the regular SCSI advantages :slight_smile: is that you don’t use an IDE channel (if you are low or out of those and you don’t want to buy an additional IDE controller / you don’t have the space for such a controller, the SCSI drive might be good.

I’m about to buy this drive, as I still got quite some SCSI cards/devices and really prefer it above IDE :).

The IDE Plextor will be fine as well… if you got the space on your controller… ofcourse!

Go for the Lite-on !!!
I think the plextor might have better writing quality though

get one of each !!!
i’ve got the Plex PX-W2410A, and a Lite-On LTR 40125S
both have been working flawless for me.

lol, one of each.

i’d get the lite-on.

Plextor has not a better write quality and the LiteOn.

heehee, get one of each only because u’ll be able to copy almost anything. heehee
there both good burners though.
i do find that the Plex is of higher quality. (just my opinion)

But you shouldn’t tell that Plextor has a better write quality if you don’t have any proofs :bigsmile:

Why don’t you get an Asus and Yamaha while you’re at it? Fool proof.

I like the Plextor quality, but only if they are SCSI. I have a pair of Plextors 8x20 and 40Max, both SCSI. Damn good drives if I don’t say so myself. If only Plextor made SCSI and IDE versions of their CDRW line-up… Well, the 40x is coming out, so if you got the $, I’d pick it up.

Other wise, my vote goes to Lite-On for the best quality/value ratio.

i guess it depends on what your going to use your burner for.
if your doing mainly copy protected games go with a Lite-On.
if your going to do lots of mp3’s, audio stuff, go with the Plextor.
totally up to you, everyone has there own opinion.

Yes, I have te same problem.

After reading the different reviews, they don’t differ much in coping. The lite-on is a bit better in copying protected disk.

But how is the DAE of the Lite-on. At this moment I have a lite (12x10x40) but i am not content with its DAE. My Plextor 40x CD-rom beats this drive every time.

I mostly copy cd’s. But most of them are NOT protected (older cd’s). So I want the best DAE possible. Even with old more damaged CD’s.

So what is the best option??

The lite-on 52x of the Plextor.

The Lite On is about half the price of the Plextor.

Not in my case…
Maybe I even wait for the new plextor drive that can test the kwality of the media! ( 199 dollar)

However I do draw the line at the SCSI version. I love SCSI, but the price difference between the SCSI and the IDE is to much compared to the extra’s you get.

Finally taken the plunge and ordered the Plextor 401240S

I 've taken on board everyones comments (gratefully received) and was swayed towards Lite-On purely for the protection copying capabilities, though protected audio copying was a dissapointment, but in the forums I’ve noticed that Plextor can now back up protected Pc titles much better and this drive can really handle protected Audio discs.

Main thing that swayed me was that I have an old machine, P 3 500 and need a drive that used as little processing power as possible.

though protected audio copying was a dissapointment,
Only with older LiteOns (3-chipset and older)

Drive now installed & running, burned a few Princo 2x - 48x burned at 40x no problem with image files from CloneCd.

Got a few buffer underruns with Nero when burning audio disc from Mp3’s but I expected this as I only have a slow machine, checked discs for errors and none were reported and all played in car stero fine.

VERY impressed, going to try a few protected Pc titles :slight_smile: