Plextor or lg?

hey guys and girls looking at getting a new drive wondering which of these 2 u think is best drives i currently use are in sig but wanting another for quality burns on my tys :smiley:



all thoughts and suggestions are welcome pros and cons of each drive is welcome too i wouldnt like to think of buying a 40 pound drive and it turn out not to do bit setting etc :slight_smile: , also other drive suggestions are welcome :iagree: :bigsmile:

Don’t buy the Plextor as it’s just a relabeled NEC/Optiarc.
Get the Optiarc 7170 (equivalent) instead if you want to try it. :slight_smile:

If you want quality burns then buy LG, but LGs can’t scan at all.
NECs are good CD scanners (and suboptimal, but usable DVD scanners) though.

im not all that impressed with my 5170 unless its just a bad model ? , so one vote for the lg ? :smiley: , what model pioneers worth giving a go also i had a 106 my brother inherited and its still going strong

Another vote for the LG here, from what I’ve seen in various threads it’s a nice drive. It’s got a Renesas chipset IIRC, and I like my other Renesas LGs :wink:

Put it this way: I don’t own that model, but that’s the one I’d go for if one of my current LGs died.

lg it is burn them shiney t01’s on it :wink: :smiley:

The 111 (if you can find it, I believe it ceased manufacture a while ago & is probably joining BenQ drives in writer heaven :slight_smile: ) or 112 are the 2 choices.

LG with TY media :iagree:
I got lots of burner always my main burner is LG with TY :bigsmile: