Plextor & Optiarc only achieving 1X burn speed

Hi Folks,

I recently got fed up with Vista and reverted back to XP Pro, a fresh install. I installed my usual apps but whatever is up, my system appears to be operating slowly (which I can live with) but both my external Plextor PX-708U and my internal SATA Optiarc 7170S will only seem to burn in 1X speed or at 1.3X speed max. Taking up to an hour per DVD disc.

I have tried different media and as you can see, we are talking 2 completely different buses here - USB and SATA, yet both experiencing similar crap performance. In Vista, both these devices performed optimally…at 18X and 8X etc.

Any clue as to what’s up? This install is fairly lean with no crap or spyware creeping in. I’m stumped.

Mobo chipset drivers? Vista will have some newer ones which XP may not.

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make sure your drives are running in DMA mode
there’s a sticky on the board for checking your hardware config