Plextor (officially) announces first Serial ATA 12x DVD-writer



I just posted the article Plextor (officially) announces first Serial ATA 12x DVD-writer.

Although we already reported about this
drive a while ago, Plextor has
today released a press release in which they officially announce their
first Serial ATA (S-ATA) DVD recorder,…

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All well and good, but will the drive support Dual Layer with a future firmware upgrade?


ya know; i just love when there still is left a company that is what they say they are. plextor never ceases to amaze me. the bottom line is no matter what the features are…you know you are getting a long lasting, solid, feature filled, no-bllsht product when you buy a plextor…that’s for sure :slight_smile:


Cool, another Plextor fan(atic):slight_smile:


I like the 8mb buffer feature… I hope other dive manufacturers incorporate it in their drives as well…


question is, does this drive copy securom like the premium? it has gigarec and verirec. even better, can it do securom dvd liek ut2k4 in plextor premium style with no twin sector/emulation garbage?


[I]does this drive copy securom like the premium?[/I] Buy one and I’ll test it out for you!


As good as this drive is, it would be perfect with dual layer support. Got to hand it to plextor for adding 8mb buffer but i must say i’ve never had a buffer underun error using a drive with 2mb.


2mb buffer is more than enough for all those x4 writers - and, if your system has problems with higher speeds then the buffer will make sod all difference. All those people that keep asking for >2mb really need to do some calculations. The only saving grace is if your system hangs for many seconds - the buffer will then hold the fort for a short while - but you really should sort the system problem out in this case.