Plextor Neverwinter Nights Tests

Plextor Neverwinter Nights Tests - CD3 Play Disc

Used software: CloneCD v4.0.1.10.
Read and written at maximum speed using SecuRom Profile.
Used discs: Infiniti CDRW80i (700MB) to save on CD-R’s!
Back-up tested in: Toshiba SD-M1502, Plextor PX-W4012A, Lite-On LTR-48125W.
When playing from CD-writer, ‘Hide CDR Media’ was enabled in the CloneCD tray.


SecuRom Profile (Read & Write)

[ul][li]PleXCombo PX-280U - fails (cannot read SC data)
[/li][li]PleXCombo PX-320A - works
[/li][li]Plextor PX-W4012A - works
[/li][li]Plextor PX-W4012U - works
[/li][li]Lite-On LTR-48125W - fails
[/li][li]Mitsumi CR-480ATE - works
[/li][li]TEAC CD-W540E - works[/ul]I know this doesn’t add anything new to conclusions we already made on our CloneCD forum but this should answer the question “Can Plextor copy the new SecuRom version?” When the NWN game is updated to v1.21 via a patch none of the back-ups seem to work. I haven’t tested this (yet). Want more tests, want more information? Please post below! When reading the SubChannel Data from the NWN disc, the Plextor drives are limited to about 8X reading.
I did not test how the Lite-On performs when writing an image file created by a different drive like a Plextor. In the CloneCD forum you can find loads more information on this including settings for a custom Profile. For now I think it’s safe to say the Plextor drives work well with the normal/old SecuRom Profile…

Some nice testing, like usual. :slight_smile:

Using the Lite-On 163D DVD as the reader and the Lite-on 48125w as the writer My back-up works up until the 1.21 patch is applied, prior to this patch my back-up works without the hide cdr media being used… Even made my back-ups using the current version of clone and just the regular game settings…As stated above everything worked fine until the 1.21 patch was applied,
No Idea why you had trouble with the Lite-On

No Idea why you had trouble with the Lite-On
Because I read the disc with the Lite-On recorder and some Lite-On drives (such as mine) will not read the Subs reliable. As you said there is a workaround (use a different reader) or you can use different settings (read SubChannel Data from Data Tracks and Regenerate options ticked, everything else off). I haven’t tested this.

I tried backing up War III (italian Version got the same Securom protection) several times with Ltr 48125w VS06 (originally 40125s) both using LiteOn cd-rw as reader/writer and Ltd 163D as reader.

With cd-rw as reader the only way to make a perfect back-up is to use Data Subs + Regenerate Sectors.With other setting you get a partial working back-up.
Instead using Ltd 163D you always get a working raw image untill data subs are read.

Please note that the entry.ccd file is the same for both reads:

[Session 1]

and that this entry was not said to be a working one.

Now I got a question:I tried to read a Laserlock protected (Civilization III,Ita) disc with Ltd 163D at max speed and seems to be able to read subs up to 16x…after passing the protection that’s the max read speed that the drive reads at.Is it true or was just an issue?I was able to make an image in less than 12 mins.Please try with your drive at max speed if you can and post results.


LaserLock doesn’t use SubChannel Data so the drive isn’t reading it. What do you mean exactly?

Are you sure Laserlock doesn’t use subs?I got to read them to make an image,plus Bad Sector Scanner set at 100,or at least that’s what I am told by Clony…

Before I meant that when making a Laserlcok image,reading at max speed (with data+audio subs and bad sector scanner on),after reading the protection,the Ltd 163D reaches 16x (at least it’s the max speed I can read in Clone cd,not in the log,but as istant speed…and doesn’t reach it’s max speed (at least 40x)).
How do you explain it?I thought max subs reading for LiteOn dvd were 16x.


Yes I’m sure LaserLock doesn’t use SubChannel Data. I have a drive here which cannot even read SubChannel Data and still it is able to make a back-up of LaserLock. I’m using the custom LaserLock Profile which you download here. If I understand you correctly you’re asking why the drive doesn’t reach its maximum read speed when reading LaserLock and because it’s sticking to 16X you think it’s because it’s reading the SubChannel Data. I suggest you try reading with the custom Profile I am using. This Profile doesn’t use SubChannel Data. Is your drive limited again? If not then the problem is solved. It could just be that your drive is again stuck to 16X reading. It’s just slowing down to read the protection. 16X reading when doing LaserLock is very good. I have tested some drives which needed 1 hour and 30 minutes to read the protection while my Lite-On 48X only needs 12 minutes.

I Know perfectly Laserlock is hard to read(my Plexy 24x needs about an hour at 4x speed) and 16x would be an amazing speed…even Toshi Smd 1602 (the fastest drive around with protections) can’t reach that speed when reading the protection itself (I mean just when reading the protection,not the main portion of the disc after the protection itself).

I didn’t know you didn’t have to read subs for Laserlock…at least I always read them when making an image…thx for teaching me something new about protections…

I tried to make another image without subs and took the same time…about 12 mins and stayed the same at 16x…but it’s not a problem…

Thx again


Are You sure civ3 italian version is laserlock? My version is safedisc 2.

Yes,I’m sure…Ita version is Laserlock.


I’ve got both italian and uk version and they are both s.d.!

I’m sure it’s Laserlock!
I checked it again!
Could you please give me an e-mail address so I can send you a shot?

What i really think is strange is that a company usually doesn’t give to different protection companies the same title to be copy-protected that’s why i was asking you!

Please don’t judge people’s testings…If he says this version is laserlock protected…then…it should be…I’m spanish and my civilization version is protected with a full laserlock version (hidden folder…a big circle into the readable zone and so on…)
For example…here in spain was distributed codename outbreak with starforce and in europe with laserlock…protections changes from a country to another…please be more flexible…

And this is for gamefreaks…i think last version of laserlock not only includes subchannel data, but 96 bytes sub code too.If you want a proof…try warrior kings. In spain is laserlock protected too ( the last) and it’s quite more difficult to copy than previous versions)I have read some articles no remember where that shows later version of this protection includes subchannel data too…

i have some founded bases to be sure too…hehehehe…You’re not the only one asures something…hhehe

Good luck!

Well You should know that i was not judging someone i was simply askink to double check. For example there could be marketing reasons to ship a same title with 2 different protections in the same country. And jmazzamj just confirmed since i’ve got both UK and Italian version of the game and both have S.D. protection. Since i’m allways trying to help people and you never know who is the other person you are helping it’s nice to check and be sure to avoid giving wrong info. That’s All!

Originally posted by Morglum007
i think last version of laserlock not only includes subchannel data, but 96 bytes sub code too.

Subchannel data consists of 96 bytes, so you are talking about the same thing…

i think last version of laserlock not only includes subchannel data, but 96 bytes sub code too

Ok shasha
and Ok sorry… it was a mistake.I didn’t wrote it as wanted to mean. I was trying to say that uses all the subchannel data available, not only 16 bytes like old versions of some protections.

It’s ok sometimes we can misunderstand it’s human to do so.

BTW i’ve got a new Laserlock star Demo cd and testing it with liteon163d(now with new firmware it’s called JLMS GHR6) and lite 24102b. I will let you know if backup works.

Back-up will work…Please telle us how much time do both LTD 163 and Ltr 24102b need to make an image at max speed with last firmwares and clone cd.