I’ve just got my hands on a new plextor 48-24-48U drive and it came with Plextor Version Nero 5 software. I

Does anyone know if it’s possible to get this version of software to work with any other CDRW drives (other than the Plextor?). Nero just bombs out when it detects my HP Drive!!!



The Nero that’s bundled with a CD-Recorder is serial locked to that CD recorder. I.e., it will refuse to work with any other CD recorder in the PC. The only way to unlock Nero to work with other drives is to use a serial key valid for all drives, e.g. a retail serial key. There should be an option on Nero, e.g. under Help to enter a new serial key. I’ve once heard of Nero refusing to recognise the drive as the bundled drive after updating the drives firmware. :confused:

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I’ve once heard of Nero refusing to recognize the drive as the bundled drive after updating the drives firmware. :confused:

No way … I had just update the firmware of my Plextor ,and there is no problems with Nero .

If you talk about using firmware from other brand , i guess that it is possible .

I got Nero with an old ASUS burner several years ago. Another copy came with a Lite-on drive recently purchased. Neither copy would recognize the other drive.

It may be possible to find the data file which Nero uses to recognize a particular drive but I haven’t had the time to try it.

Right now, your solution is to grin and bear it or buy a retail version of Nero.


At 2008 it is several years since the original posting, but:

I still prefer Nero 5, but there again I also prefer Win 98, in that case for YouLa reasons.

With Nero 5 or 6 I do need to use the latest downloadable update. That is Nero and Nero- Both give a big improvement, including what is mentioned here.