Plextor Manager 2000 manual



Seek Plextor Manager 2000 Manual as this site no longer seems to work. Would appreciate any help


works fine by me.


Does anybody have a lovation where Plextor Manager 2000 can be downloaded? I still have 99, but I can’t find an update for it.



Never mind, I’ve been looking in the wrong places and forgot the obvious (plextor site).


“gerryko” Were can I find The the complete version of plextor manager 99, I have the update for version 2000 but if i want to install it, he wants to be installed in the dir were the full version from 99 or 96 was installed.

plz, can you mail me plexmanager 99 or the file that the installer needs to install this version…

thkz and I am waiting to hear from you, Vincent


There is no plextor 99. Plextor manager 96 can be downloaded here. This will enable you to use plextor 2000.


What are the differences between Plextools and Plex Manager?


He “gerryko” on this site I can only download the upgrade version from plexmanager 96 to 1.73 and the ugprde for version 2000

waiting to hear from you!?


post your email address Vincent


Thankz in advance, I really appericiate this.