Plextor M9PeY M.2 RGB on an AIC 1TB


I just got this in the mail this morning. I am totally psyched to installed it and upgrade the firmware, it just came out. I will add some pictures. Mine is still in the box but I wll add a picture of it installed in another system 1TB Model

The picture on top is mine. The installed picture on bottom is courtesy of Tweaktown, mine is not installed yet.


Cool - go for it Alan


I have it already JR. I have to get someone to help me put my computer on my workbench, I have to install it and upgrade the firmware. 1TB model. I am into aesthetics, as much as speed, so I really liked the way this looks.


Okay its installed in my Z170 Asus 6700K rig. Screenshot. I didnt make all the speed corrections

, I am happy the way it runs now.


Not bad at all, Alan.


Thanks Wendy, if I turned off all the C-States, and did a few other things, I could get it to go faster but I am happy with this.


New Plextools Nvme