Plextor M6e M.2. SSD Review

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One thing that has remained pretty constant since SSDs
started to appear, is that the storage interface they connect to appears to
struggle to keep pace with the performance levels of the SSD.

The SATA2 interface was soon saturated by the SSDs of the
day, and SATA3 hasn’t done much better. If we look at mainstream PC platform
chipsets such as the Intel Z68, Z77, Z87, and now Z97, they all have one thing
in common. You have the high speed ‘north’ side of the board where the CPU,
memory, and PCIe3 reside. PCIe3 connects direct to the CPU, and has 16 10Gbps
lanes available for graphics cards or PCIe storage.

The ‘south’ side of the board where the platform controller
hub (PCH) sits is very much slower, and restricted to PCIe2 speeds. In actual
fact you have 8 PCIe2 lanes with 5Gbps bandwidth per lane. The PCH not only
hosts the SATA interface but also all the other connected peripherals that are required
in order to allow the PC to function, such as LAN, USB, and audio.

The Intel Z97 chipset supports M.2. and SATA Express
natively, but uses only two PCIe2 lanes, and these are shared between M.2. and
SATA Express, and have a maximum bandwidth of 10Gbps. That would give up to
1GB/s available bandwidth without overheads. With overheads that will drop down
to around 780MB/s, which isn’t a vast improvement over SATA3 speeds. Nevertheless,
that is all that’s available via this revision of the PCH on Z97.

That neatly brings us to the point of this article. In this
review I will be checking out an M.2. PCIe SSD in the shape of the Plextor M6e

Let’s find out how it performs in this review.

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SSDs evolving faster than the motherboards LOL. Great review Wendy.:bow:

Very Nice review expained very well thank you Dee.:flower: