Plextor M5 Pro Xtreme 512GB SSD Review

I just posted the article Plextor M5 Pro Xtreme 512GB SSD Review.

With 19nm toggle 2 NAND, and Marvell’s latest SSD controller, Plextor is mounting a serious challenge to the Samsung 840 Pro and the OCZ Vector.
The Plextor M5 Pro Xtreme also has an attractive price, but can it match the two heavy weights in regards to performance?

Let’s find out in this review.

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That’s a cracking drive performance wise and for what you get it looks like good value for money too.


I am not sure but I do believe this is the Plex M5P with new new firmware V1.02 and they renamed the drive the Xtreme. New Packaging, I have the 256gb v of this drive but I havent updated to 1.02 yet. So I will post some results to see if it compares to Wendys.
Great review of this drive Wendy. A 512 too, this drive was selling on Amazon here for 419.00USD awhile back for the 512gb flavor. Great stuff with a nice toolbox.:flower: