Plextor LED question

Just how yellow is your Plextor LED in yellow mode? I can’t distinguish it from green mode. It’s so close, that I can’t tell that it’s yellow when it doesn’t change between yellow and green all the time. Afik I don’t have color blindness.

It is rather subtle, but there is a difference.

Totally, I even think that other Plextors I have seen were more clearly yellow. Maybe there’s a variation in those multi-color LEDs.

Or my Plextor gives green and yellow signal when it should give yellow or gives read and rest signal. I hope it’s not a defect. But that’s really unlikely.

I have made the same observation. Both my 708 and 716 had bigger difference in color between green and yellow LED than 760.

The 716 a bigger difference? Man, that is already damn close to each other. If 760 is even closer, I don’t understand why they just don’t go for blue, red and green.

Blue, Red and Green? That would look horrible when they cycle through those to indicate operation of AS :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Instead of PoweRec this would be the “FunkyRec” function. :bigsmile:

I’d really favour FunkyRec over crawling in front of the LED, shadow it with my hand and to examine closely to be sure if it’s green or yellow :wink:
Even if it is not that drastic, you get the point.

my 760A is more orange-ish :slight_smile:

You could open it and solder a different LED to the board. :cool: