Plextor launches PX-DB608AL - Two in one DVD burner

I just posted the article Plextor launches PX-DB608AL - Two in one DVD burner.

Plextor has announced the PX-DB608AL, a 5.25" bay designed for providing 2 slim-line drives to be built into a PC. So you can have two slim line DVD burners in the same…

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Why? Unless you are running a major piracy operation, or have micro-tower with space for only one half-height drive and need two drives for some weird reason, I don’t see the point. Most mid-tower PC’s have space for four half-height drives and only use one. A power-user might put in a second so that one drive is for DVD/CD burning and the other is HD/BD burning.

This has been available forever here:

Meh … more redundant info from CDFreaks. As for using two DVD drives. I use a standalone DVD-ROM drive for reading/audio extraction and a separate DVD-RW for all my burning. If one uses a DVD burner as a general reader the drive will wear down quicker.

Well, this was actually a press release issued by Plextor, so I assume they’re not sending our press releases announcing old products :wink:

The beauty of this device is the fact that it is 150mm in depth!
Regular drives are 182mm in depth, and if you have a case with a side panel window, 32mm of the regular CR-RW and DVD-RW you will use will be visible through the side panel. This will somehow ruine the look of the case.
I am currently building a system in which I am planning to use this device. I shall upload demonstrative pictures once its ready.

Cheers :smiley: