Plextor launches new product: PX-S2410TU - 24/10/24 slimline

I just posted the article Plextor launches new product: PX-S2410TU - 24/10/24 slimline.

More news from Plextor today, as Plextor Europe has updated their website with information of their latest released drive, the PX-S2410TU. As the S in the model number tells you (the S behind the…

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Too Bad !!! :frowning: Only 24x !!! Ok! is “Slim” but … the standard is 40x and more… :r

The magic word here is indeed ‘slim’. Plextor already offers the external PX-W4824TU drive (USB 2.0) which is capable of 48X reading/writing and 24X re-writing… This drive wasn’t meant for speed but for portability as I see it.

maybe if it were usb 3.0 it would be 48x. just wondering.:slight_smile:

sukker :+