Plextor launches a new internal DVD-ReWriter drive - the PX-800A




Is this a plextor designed drive or a rebadge?


It is a NEC/Optiarc (AD-7173) rebadge.

  1. The eject button looks like the NEC eject buttons.
  2. The front bezel, with the logos, looks like NEC.
  3. The 13x DVD+R write strategy is typical for NEC.

IIRC, the Plextor website had PX-716A in Generations (category for legacy stuff) before, now it’s back to DVD Recorders? :eek:
If they re-release it, it would be great. I already regret now that I only bought [B]one[/B] PX-716A…
The PX-716AL saw a release in Japan as “Plextor Direct Limited Edition” :eek:

Please, Plextor, re-release your best drive. :bow:


Dang! More spikes then. :doh: Easy to pass up, this one. :bigsmile:


Probably a mistake. There have been combined press-releases before but this one only mentions the PX-800.

Wow, a PX-716 fan :bigsmile: . From what i’ve see here and elsewhere the 716 was Plextors most criticised drive ever (not necessarily correct or justified criticism IMHO, but then the experience of others may vary).


Yes, but it’s the Plextor burner that combines the good things of both the old (708, 712 - 8 MB buffer, spikeless burning) and new (755/760 - AutoStrategy) drives. :slight_smile:

Maybe I’m just a real 716 fanboy :smiley:
It may have been partly started by [B]Cressida[/B] :wink:


Firts bunch of 716s were terrible (many of them died after few months), later shipments proved to be the best burners I ever used. I have 4 pieces and all of them operate very well.

About the PX-800A: seems to be a rebadged Optiarc burner. We’ll see.


No word of it here in Japan…maybe it will be one more of Plextors outside of Japan only release of drives…


So, if Plextor declared that it will close the optical unit production then deny it (or changed their mind) now they release a rebadged drive - this obviously mean they are not investing in R&D but they try to please their customers. They opted for Optiarc as they did a year ago with Benq because of their reliable scaning capabilities is my guess. So if the price will be moderate they have the chance to re-gain market-share.


According to the website it doesn’t show any extras that were found on Plextors before. Only argument for buying this drive would be the excellent firmware support of Plextor. But when looking into their firmware database, it pops to the eye that this excellent firmware support merely applied to their self designed drives and not to the rebadged ones. Maybe they should think about this again!


It will be interesting to see how much Plextor tries to sell a $30 NEC for.


If it is a rebadged NEC, how does this drive fit to the recent news that Plextor ordered drives from LiteOn???

If it is a rebadged NEC, how does this drive fit to PlexTools and reliable scanning???
Was it possible to make a firmware, modify PlexTools in some way or whatever to make the NEC a reliable scanner? I don’t expect the PX-800A not to be a reliable scanner at the end.

I think these are the important questions now.

P.S.: What is wrong with the firmware support for the PX-750A? I think the firmware support is as great as it is for the Premium drives. I had no issues.


OK, I just saw it at Quality Check is not mentioned under features. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I don’t get it. The NEC supports quality check. Why turning it off instead of translate the thing that it reports to understandable information …

And why NEC, LiteOn and such at all. The NEC drive gets hot. TEAC is the only way to go. And how much would it cost Plextor more to use the good old SANYO chip? $1 per drive? I don’t get it. Why don’t the three develop such a drive together. TEAC could cover the OEM and Plextor the retail market. That’s it. No more medium and premium line, only that drive. Which would be not as costy as a Plextor premium drive but would still be of premium quality.

And a re-release of the 716A you mentioned is a great idea by the way, but I would love to see the drive above happen in addition.


Man this SUCKS!..why can’t Plextor go back to 8MB buffers!’s like the major reason why i’m a Plextor fanboy!


I’m curious about the price, how much will a nec cost under the plextor name?


It’s not being advertised as a “PREMIUM Series” drive, so in the same vein as the 740A and 750A, scanning (& other PlexTools features) can’t be expected. Let’s wait and see what it can do, after all Pioneer can get a NEC-chipset drive to work without OPC spikes.


True. And how well Pioneer does that. Let’s wait and see indeed. But still, how does this news fit to the order from LiteOn. Is that for a whole another kind of drive like the new “powerless” usb portable for example? Or a new BD drive maybe? :confused:


The text below is the reply of my e-mail
There always will be a drive where PLEXTOR is written on.what the f…k is he on about ?I don’t want any drive where plextor is written on IT MUST BE A REAL PLEXTOR DRIVE NOT JUST THE NAME ON IT

This is the answer:
Es wird nach wie vor Laufwerke geben die wo Plextor draufsteht. In welcher Form PTP bzw PTP XL weiterlebt ist noch nicht klar. Dies wird auf ganz anderen Ebenen entschieden. Glaube jedoch nicht nach dem HickHack einzelner Linux user (sage nur reverse engineering), dass die Motivation hoch ist diesen Schritt zu vollziehen.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Best regards,


I think also that the best thing ablout a Plex is the 8 meg buffer.


Maybe I should get a Plextor PX-712SA (can be modded to 712A) for € 55, although the price is ridiculous :bigsmile:
It has the 8 MB buffer, can scan and supports 16x media as well. It just doesn’t do AutoStrategy, 16x burning and DVD+R DL (all things that I use rarely), but has the typical Plextor toys like scanning, GigaRec and VariRec.
[B]Drage[/B], what’s your PX-712A like?

What the hell is THAT? :eek:

“Drives with the Plextor branding will continue to exist. However, it is not yet clear how PTP or PTP XL will continue to exist. This will be decided on higher levels. Do not believe the of argy-bargy of a few Linux users (just saying reverse engineering) that the motivation would be high enough to do this.”

The support guys seem to be crazy (if it is actually a genuine Plextor mail) :eek:
Or maybe still traumatised because of third-party scanning tools, LOL :bigsmile: