Plextor launches 54x CD-ROM and 16x/48x DVD-ROM drives

Already spotted them at CeBIT this year but no they’ve officially released them, see

[i]SpeedRead: speed checks!

The PX-116A can handle a maximum read speed of 48x, while the PX-54TA operates at up to 54x. As standard, both drives are set at 40x to prevent the risk of damage. A user who wants to read at 48x or 54x can do this by using the SpeedRead function.

Retail version

The retail versions of the PX-54TA (CD-ROM drive) and the PX-116A (DVD-ROM drive) are delivered with the Plextor CD/DVD utility software (PlexTools) and DVD Player software (PowerDVD) as standard. A comprehensive 16-language manual is supplied too.[/i]
Prices will be around 25 euro for the CD-ROM drive and 49 euro for the DVD-ROM drive… What do you think about these new drives?

I guess the most interesting question is: are these original Plextor drives, or are they just labelled drives from another manufacturer (like it is the case with the Plextor DVD-Writer).
If they are really Plextor-drives, the price is quite attractive.

the pictures looks very much like the NEC drives wich are rebadget Lite-On’s. hmm intresting…

I’m wondering if we got a replacement for the UltraPlex 40x reader here…?

Too bad it’s not SCSI but ok… I’ll have to free up some IDE slots :wink:

i hope (but dont expect) that they bring out a SCSI version of those drives.

im not sure that the new drive is a replacement for our ultraplex 40max. the ultraplex maybe old but still got better performance then most other newer drives.
so it wont be that easy to call the new drive a worthy replacement for the ultraplex. for now i just keep my proven good ultraplex.

only thing that we need now is a good (preffer SCSI) plextor writer and we got our self a nice plextor optical devices rig.

i had the plexwriter 40/12/40S but the performance disapointed me somewhat and the drive broke down in two weeks. now have an asus writer but a complete plextor set-up would be very neat :slight_smile:

Will they allow to retrieve C1/PI/PO information?

didnt find any info on the new drives
i also like to know what it can and what it cant do.


acording to the official plextor site the PX-54TA is an 52 speed cdrom drive and not an 54 speed. strange model name then :confused:

Originally posted by Maelstrom
according to the official plextor site the PX-54TA is an 52 speed cdrom drive and not an 54 speed. strange model name then :confused:

Yes that’s quite misleading (not that anybody will notice any difference between 52x and 54x…).

This drives confuses me. At first, I didn’t expect Plextor to release any read-only drive once again. Then they come with a cheap and fast CDROM drive… as it gets harder and harder to buy CDROM drives (because everybody wants a DVD drive and CDROMs are produced less) they come with a CDROM.

I don’t know if it can be as good as the 40x CDROM was/is. I own 2 of those drives, and mine should be replaced pretty soon as they’ve had their best time.

If one of those new drives can give performance equal or better than the 40x CDROM I’d be very interested. Especially when it’s a SCSI drive they will offer, because I’m running out of IDE connectors and I prefer SCSI anyway… :slight_smile:

same problem here
need the IDE connectors for my storage and back-up IDE HD’s
running windows and programs from SCSI HD’s

i realy hope that plextor will bring out a SCSI flavour of the drive(s)
then it will be almost a sure buy for me.
final problem: find a good SCSI writer.

Could the plextor site be wrong? They anounced at CBIT that the 54TA was a 54x model. Look at the picture it show some info on the drive and it clearly shows cd read 54x.

<edit> Plextor changed the websites discription of the drive from 52x to 54x.