Plextor ? King Of Quality?

I purchased PX - 712A 5 months ago.I burned almost the 50%(60 of 120 DVD) of the media that I used, so i decide only a week ago to send the drive back to plextor.They told me to send them the media that I use to check the problem.
They send me back a completely new one :cool: with the media that I send(TDK & OPTODISC DVD - R), but I have the same problem(Burn process failed at any rec speed and media). :a
Any idea?? :confused:

I get perfect burns on my PX-712A with Taiyo Yuden T02 DVD+R media at 12X burning speed.

Doesn’t look like a DVD recorder problem. Can you post your systems (hardware/spftware) specs?

AMD Athlon 1800+ xp
Gigabyte GA-7VRXP KT333 VIA chipset
1.5 GB RAM DDR 333MHz
nVidia geforce 3 ti 64 MB
Seagate 80GB (primary master), IBM 30GB(RAID), WD 13GB(RAID)
DVD-ROM PIONEER DVD - 117 (primary slave)
CD-R PLEXWRITER 12/10/32A (secondary slave)
DVD-R PX - 712A :frowning: (secondary master)

Windows XP pro
Norton Sysworks
Office 2003
Power DVD 5
DVD shrink 3.2
DVD decrypter

It sounds like a DMA problem. Please check if your drive in secondary master is in Ultra DMA Mode 2, click here or click here to enable DMA.

FYI, best media for my 712a currently is Verbatim 16x MCC004 (25pack $17.99 @bestbuy). No Taiyo Yuden T02 and MCC003 can beat 'em.

Thanks for the advice, but it’s already set the DMA mode 2.
I’ve done already the pc test that refers in the plextor f.a.q and it’s all right.
I can’t understand what is wrong. :a
Yesterday I found that the TYG01(maxell) it’s ok until now. :bow:
But the other media why? :rolleyes:

Why Plextor, King of Quality, does not support low-grade media?! Because A King cannot deal with poor fellows, a King must be treated with some respect, therefore with good media! :slight_smile:

King Of Quality ??? yea… and can you see those pink elephants flying about up there in the clouds