Plextor Japan releases specifications of new SCSI Plextor drive

I just posted the article Plextor Japan releases specifications of new SCSI Plextor drive.

interceptor used our newssubmit to tell us that Plextor Japan has posted some more information on their upcoming new SCSI drive. This drive, which we already reported about earlier, will support…

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WAIT A SECOND… this is a Plex 4012T built for SCSI… so how come this has Mt. Rainier support?

The Firmware for this drive has most likely been re-written to support Mt. Rainier! Very disappointing it only has 12x re-write though :frowning: Until they get 24x re-writing into their drives I won’t be replacing my Plex 12/10/32S any time soon :slight_smile:

come on, 12x rewriting is ok, I am currently using 4x, that sucks, but 12x is fast, it’s just 4 or 5 min. for a full cdrw

No, nothing wrong with 10x or 12x CD-RW writing. But when you see CD-R speeds increasing virtually every quarter yet the CD-RW standard is still stuck at 12x, and only JUST breaking into 24x, I would have liked to have seen Plextor grasp the nettle and go with 24x CD-RW speed, that’s all! I much prefer CD-RW over CD-R, so that’s why I personally would have like to see faster CD-RW writing speed. But I might have to wait a bit longer for plextor to wake up :slight_smile:

Do Zone-CLV drives use this method only for high speed writing, or can I expect this drive to use CLV when writing lower speeds like 12X? Thanks :slight_smile:

mbg yes, it will use CLV at lower speeds

It amazes me that Yamaha has a 44x24x44 SCSI burner, and it would seem that all Plextor can come up with in a SCSI drive is a 12x rewriteable? This is a slap in the face for all of the loyal SCSI users, who incidently put Plextor on the map! Are they trying to insult our intelligence or passify us by giving us this lame version of a drive? Pooter