Plextor Japan pulls Plextor PX-708A/UF firmware 1.05

I just posted the article Plextor Japan pulls Plextor PX-708A/UF firmware 1.05.

Sander reports us via our e-mail address that Plextor Japan has removed the download link for the Plextor PX-708A/UF firmware 1.05. It seems that there were some problems with this…

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a lousy, but funny translation :slight_smile:

“we applying annoyance, very much there is no excuse” hahahaha, i love this translation.

That translation was funny and almost worth the few bad burns I got from fw 1.05…I said almost :wink:

Glad to see my job is safe for the time being. :g Zunsuke

We could use some help with our japanese translations thats for sure :stuck_out_tongue:

I posted the correct translation on the “don’t use 1.05!” thread on the Plextor forum. :slight_smile:

I have seen it, thanx mate :slight_smile: The correct translation courtesy of zunsuke: “When writing to DVD-R/RW media using a PX-708A/UF with version 1.05 of the firmware, some DVD drives have been found to be unable to playback the discs. Therefore, we have removed v1.05 from the website. (No other functions are affected.) We deeply apologize to people who have already downloaded this version, and ask that you downgrade back to 1.04. We will make 1.06 available in the very near future, and ask that you upgrade to that, instead.”

Yes, I have now edited the news item. zunsuke’s translation is a lot better than AltaVista’s version :wink: