Plextor Japan External SCSI 40x12x40x PX-W4012TSE

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Plextor External SCSI 40x12x40x PX-W4012TS

To be released in mid-Feb, 2003. Estimated price 33,000 Yen (275 USD)

Physical dimension: 181×308.5×59.4mm
Weight: 2.6kg

Plextor Internal SCSI 40x12x40x PX-4012TS

To be released in mid-Jan, 2003. Price not mentioned.

Thanks for the info Kenshin! I’ve posted it on the mainpage.

Wow! External SCSI 3. That says it all. I don’t know if most people know that the SCSI interface is faster than IDE and less of a bottleneck on the pci bus than IDE as well. I have found that with SCSI Readers and Writers that they run more true to their speed, too. I have owned many Plextor SCSI Drives and was saddend when Plextor announced that they were not going to make tehm anymore. I even wrote to them. This is a step back home. I used to have all SCSI systems, until I had to buy Atapi to copy games. It will be nice to see how these drives fair.

I hope that in US they sell these with Nero and INCD instead of Roxio. We always get the short shrift this way. Plextor Europe sells Nero with theirs, we USA get Roxio, Yuch!

Thank you Plextor!

I doubt that Plextor America will switch to Nero Burning Rom… It’s same with the PlexTools software. You American people are just unlucky I guess :wink:

Unlucky? First I thought…Why is that. Then I remembered that as US Citizens we have had our expectations lowered so much over the last 50 years, that I’m suprised that we have any decent products in our marketplace at all.

Still I would hope that Plextor would wake up and notice this software stinks and change it. :wink: