Plextor is cleared

for all of you foolish enough to believe the rumors perpetuated by posters like haga, please read the following:

if you were one of those foolish enough to buy into the nonsense about plextor, particularly based upon the weak evidence presented in the link provided, please take a trip to southern california and look me up. Make sure that you bring your money with you. I have some beachfront property that I can sell you cheap. if you act upon this offer quickly, I’ll be able to retire with all of your money by the end of next week.

Of course, I am sure that there are plenty of people in New York City who would be willing to sell you the Brooklyn bridge at a reasonable price!

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Ehh this news was already cleared… Check this frontpage posting. Thanks anyway!

Not quite the same thoug

Originally posted by RaSta
Not quite the same thoug
Yes not quite the same thing but is does ‘confirm’ that there’s no difference between the different TLA#…