Plextor is begining to be shit?



My first Plextor CD-RW W1610T 8 years (till alive) - the best.

Second - 708A - 2,5 year, then - laser is dead.
Third - 712A - 1,5 year, then - laser is dead. Changed by saler, 1 year more,
laser is dead
Fourth - 716A - 1 year, laser is dead. Changed by saler, 1 year more,
laser is dead.
Sixth - 760SATA - 6 mounths, laser is dead. Today.

Tendention? I tired.
Today bought Pioneer 111D - will see…

Every Plextor worked at home. Bought at diff salers. Used not in “pro” mode.


One explanation for such results is the addidional wear high speed puts on the laser. Burning faster requires greater laser power. Greater power wears out the laser faster (life time is measured in HOURS!). Think about it: A lot of people rave about their 8x CD-writers still working. How much have you heard about 48x and 52x writers? The same is true for DVD.

Do you always burn at highest speed? If yes, that would confirm the above.
Also do you burn a lot of RW? I’m under the impression that burning a lot of RW uses up the laser even faster than high speed R burning. Unfortunately i cannot offer proof for that.


edit: anti-Plextor diatribe removed… gotta love the “edit post” function!

…anyway, here’s my Plextor body count:

2 Premiums: both are still in service and working impeccably.

2 PX-708A’s: one died after a few months, the other is still in service.

4 PX-712A’s: all are functional, 2 are still in service.

11 PX-716A’s: two are still in service, 2 were DOA, 3 RMA’d for performance issues, 1 replaced for a failed tray mechanism, 1 died of old age at 6 months (out of warranty), one (functional) was smashed on a concrete floor when I lost my temper, one stopped reading CDs while under warranty but I replaced it with a BenQ DW-1640 rather than getting an RMA.

1 PX-760A: it’s still in service and doing fine.

BTW, enjoy your DVR-111D. Mine have been capable, solid burners. Even if it only lasts as long as your PX-760A, it’ll only hurt 1/3 as much when it dies. :slight_smile:


About Writing speed can say, that usually not write at max speed. About 1-2 steps down.
RW at summ 1/3 of quantity. I think it’s ordinary statistic…
Today 760 is not absolutly died, but if it write RW disk, can’t read it after. Another dvd-rom read it without problems. I have experience: nest step - death of plextor.


I thought Plextor were build to last, nomatter what speed you burn at?

From my personal view, I think the “Plextor is best” days are over. It was back in the 90’s, with the SCSI burners, where plextor got the nice feedback. Now I don’t think there is much different in the hardware quality and support between drives.

I have a PX-130 romdrive, that has defects. This should be a know problem - the “klonk” sound that appear when you insert a media and close the sledge. Which sometimes makes it stop reading. I think its a known bug amonk PX-130 drives. It should be an original Plextor, no branding from others firms?!

What I’m trying to say is, that plextor needs to earn and sell as much as other companies. So they will probably do anything to put out drives and sell as fast as possible, nomatter how and things performs and works. Its a hard business. Trying to keep up with its good long times earned name - “Plextor”. The quality has been going down, if you ask me.

My PX-755A still can’t write good on my Verbatim DVD+RW 4xspeed medias, that I really can’t understand? It has gotten a lot better with and update lately, but it still bad. My PX-708A is much much better in writing on the mentioned media. I really can’t understand, why the 755a can’t do a good burn on those medias. And I’m not the only one having that problem. I often has to deeply format the media, as it gets corrupted very quickly, after a few writings.

For me, that is also a sign of quality problems with the new plextor drivers. I think, I could get a much cheaper driver, that could possible do the burns without any problem s. I don’t think Plextor is able to keep them self up among the drive competition, concerning price, quality. Maybe just as good to some extend, but definitely not as Plextor was in the good old 90’s :slight_smile:



Well lets see:

4plex writer (caddy) (scsi) : 4+ years : auctioned on ebay in working order
12plex writer (tray) (scsi) 5+ years : auctioned on ebay in working order
px708a : 2+ years : died : after proabaly 10k burns (cd/dvd)
px716sa : 1+ years : still in service : I have had no issues with it : works well!

I’m currently using a Sony dru-720a which I crossflashed to Lite-On SOHW-1693s : This drive I purchased as a package deal with a new hard drive! I simply could not pass it up! I knew my px708a was on it’s last legs and grabbed it up. I then purchased the px716sa as I did not want to rely on the Sony/Lite-On on it’s own. I tend to split up my burn project between the two drives. I expect that my next drive will be any of the commodity $30 drives on newegg these days. The day’s of spending alot for a burner just does not seem required anymore. Unless that is if you need some of the advanced features in Plextor drives etc. However I will say as far as quality of burn, my Plextor puts my Sony/Lite-On to shame. Although that drive does provide a burn well within what is deemed “acceptable” ! So I am getting a “better” burn for that premium Plextor price :slight_smile:

Regards, estranged