Plextor Introduces Ultra Portable USB 8/8/24 CD-RW

I just posted the article Plextor Introduces Ultra Portable USB 8/8/24 CD-RW.

Another CDR drive from Plextor is now available! It is a portable USB 8/8/24U CD-RW drive. It is light, compact and it’s almost pocketsize. It’s also very fast for a portable drive (with a USB 2.0…

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Would have been nice last year or two years ago, and you need USB 2.0 to get 8/8/24, otherwise it’s only 4/4/6… I’ll wait for the next big thing :slight_smile:

My question is does it do Correct EFM Encoding? Cause that would go great with my laptop instead of lugging the PX-R 8/20 around.