Plextor introduces PX-716AL - slot-loaded DVD+/-R/RW drive

I just posted the article Plextor introduces PX-716AL - slot-loaded DVD+/-R/RW drive.

Plextor Corp., a leading
developer and manufacturer of high-performance digital media equipment, today
announced its first slot-loaded optical disk drive. The new PX-716AL DVD+/-R/RW

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It was about damn freakin’ time some guy would change the look on the drives. Hope some would be available to us, the consumers, near the future. :B

A return to slot loading drives is long overdue IMO, I miss those cool drives of long past (mainly Pioneer). Hopefully they’ve sort out the annoying jamming and scuffing of disks which used to occur on the older drives.

This is perfect for HTPC use…can’t wait to see pics.

can someone please give a link or a pix?

Don’t the Plex 716 models support 6x dvd-rw?

Don’t the Plex 716 models support 6x dvd-rw?
Nope, 4x for DVD-RW only. If you’re referring to DVD-R DL (double layer) support, 6x will be possible with future firmware upgrades (expected to be released around March).

The reason slot loaders are not popular is because they are infamous for scratching disks. They are in cars because they are convienant, but I only use backups of my CDs in my truck because I have CDs getting scratched and I am gentle (borderline OCD!) I also have a friend that use to work for a company that repairs CD players and he was the one to enlighten me. Slot loaders also have a serious problem with those “stickers” some people put on CDs (instead of using a sharpie). The sticker will pell off inside the CD player as it’s inserted and cause all kinds of problems, you can’t simply pull the CD out.

Same here, sure, slot loading drives are cool, but I don’t want my disc to die prematurely because of the scratches. So I’ve never used a slot-loading drive and never will.

This idea about slot-loading DVD-ROM drives scratching discs is a myth. Granted, the first generation of slot-loading drives may have scratched discs due to bad design but it certainly is not the case today. I have a Pioneer 106S which performs brilliantly (having both CAV for data and CLV for audio) and has never scratched any of my discs and I use this drive quite frequently. Furthermore, a slot-loading DVD drive can actually reduce the chance of scratching and breaking a disc by not having to deal with discs that move/are inserted incorrectly with a tray-based DVD-ROM drive. Slot-loading drives have come a long way and are better performers now than most tray-loading drives IMO. :slight_smile:

still no link or pix guys? slot-loading: CAN scratch inserting disk: CAN scratch if your clumsy and insert wrong. ANYTHING is possible 2 scratch it guys. I would rather have slot-loading to not worry about mechanical parts (i.e. opening tray)

I fondly remember my slot-in Pioneer DVD-104S and would jump back to a slot-in in a blink. The drive eventually stopped reading DVD9 discs and finally, DVDs altogether, but as far as the slot-in principle was concerned… it was SO much more practical than any tray based drive I’ve used before or after… Go Plexie Go! :S
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My Pioneer 106 solt loader DVDROM is 4-5 years years old now and it’s still in my machine going strong. I love that thing, and it has never scratched a disc.

my pioneer slot loader never scratched a disc, it’s funny how the people who have not owned a slot loader seem to think they know more about them than the people who have owned one! slot-loading: never scratched disc in two years use inserting disk: much more efficient, never scratched disc in two years use

I had the Pioneer 106 slot-in is 3 years ago My original CD blocked in the drive ! and don’t want to ejct it !.. PROB: there is no force eject in this drive … ! So i will never re-take a slot-in drive. I think the motor of the drive is too fragile

About the moving parts… I assume the slot ejection mechanism is still moving parts, could break just as easilyas a tray, and be that much to remove.

still no link or pix guys? It’s the 3rd time I ask this.

Here is a pic: Plextor PX-716AL: DL-Brenner mit Slot-In <font size=1>[Shortened link to correct page layout]
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Ahh ok, I was under the impression a firmware upgrade would increase the dvd-rw speed to 6x in addition to faster speeds for dual layer etc.

I have used a Pioner 305S (SCSI) for 5 years and it has not scratched a single disc. It works well and no tray to worry about getting damaged.