Plextor introduces low-cost high performance CD-R/RW drive

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 While it is common to hear  news about new DVD recorders and faster DVD recording speeds, Plextor a well  known brand for professional optical drives has announced yet another CD-R/RW  drive -...
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Yesssssssss :d this is great news. I have a mission critical control system at work that uses a PC for an HMI to a hardware controller. I bought a Plextor CD Burner for that PC as we image the drive in case we have PC/hard drive failure. ( The hardware controller keeps running :stuck_out_tongue: ) I damn sure wanted a good burn on that CD. We have tons of tweaks in that interface. Sure other drives can do it. But for this application and comfort factor I went for a Plextor
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People tend to forget, or they weren’t PC users for that long. Even $65 for a CDRW is cheap in my book. I remember when these things cost $300. If the difference is between $30 and $60, some may think it’s twice as much. I see it as $30 more. It’s a no brainer for a better quality drive.

While most CD recorder manufacturers have been competing against each other to offer lower drive pricing to end users, Plextor have always been focusing on quality as their main priority. Then, you read… “Thanks to lower manufacturing costs, Plextor now can offer a 52X CD-R drive at a lower cost than our previous version, and we increased the CD-RW speed from 24X to 32X,” said Howard Wing, vice president of sales and marketing for Plextor. " :g Nobody else noticed that? LOL.

Is this drive supposed to be as good as the PX-Premium ?

I had a Plextor before, the 24X writer and was and is still fantastic.With this idea in my mind I got 708 A dvd writer, a real POJ.Unhappy with a returned "updated " 708A I got a Pioneer 108.Pioneer is doing for me what Plextor 24X was and Plextor is just history.

So that’s why they’ve been so slow catching up with other DVD recorders out there…they’ve been working on a new CDRW.

back when cd recording required scsi drives and a scsi controler card to avoid creating coasters plextor was KING without a doubt but… i am on my third 708a dvd burner from plextor and am getting frustrated with them going back to pioneer as soon as it arrives in the post :d putting the plex out to laze…

But is this truely a Plextor drive or is it a rebadged CDR drive (ala Plextor’s DVDr drive idealoligy). It’s it’s a true Plextor this is great news although I’ve started to find LiteOn drives to be well made, especially for their price. Unless Plextor really re-invents itself in the DVDr market, I think LiteOn will oneday be the new Plextor.

$ 65 in my opinion is not a low-cost cd drive :frowning:

It’s true that Plextor sucks for DVD. It was never their forte. Pioneer, LiteOn and NEC do DVD better.

Notice what? Your first quote is about Plextor’s strategy so far. The second is about their present strategy. I see no contradiction here.

their present strategy is exactly the same, but in the land of marketing-speak it’s suddenly ‘low-cost’ which they love to equate to higher quality.

Until now, Plextor haven’t competed with price (to my recall). Now they are. In other words, there is a change in strategy. If low pricing was not one of their weapons, the last thing they would do is tout about it.

look at the price again Bruce :slight_smile: For a CDRW drive. Now tell me they are competing.

Well ok, I havent been checking CDRW drives’ prices in a while. It very well might be so that in reality they are not competing with price. However, I was referring to the above press release. At least they are trying to compete with it: “With an MSRP of just $65” (just) “Plextor now can offer a 52X CD-R drive at a lower cost” But no matter what they try to convince in press releases it might not apply to reality, like you said. So, in a way, you can say they are competing with price but seemingly suck at it :slight_smile: