Plextor introduces fastest DVD dual-layer recording for PX-716

I just posted the article Plextor introduces fastest DVD dual-layer recording for PX-716.

 Plextor  looks to  be finally listening to their customers with requests for faster DVD recording, especially  with dual layer media.  Now they are offering new firmware  (v1.04) from mid...
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But we are missing +/- DL media at good prices… :c

And if that ‘Woman’ Above has her way you’ll never see that.(If the AD is not there the woman i am referring to is HP’s Head Honcho who would love to give you a DRM Enema and Charge you Twice for it. Greetings.) :slight_smile:

The cost of a 5 pack media that can support such speed in DL seems to be higher than the whole drive, LOL.

It looks like DVD Dual-layer suffers from the printer syndrome where a set of replacement cartridges can cost more than the printer itself. Dell were the only one I knew of that had a printer offer (with cartridges) cheaper than the price of one individual replacement cartridge. :stuck_out_tongue: For the time being I’m sticking with my current DVD recorder until dual-layer pricing comes down since by that time there will likely be higher spec recorders again. :wink: