PLEXTOR , here's an invitation to communicate with us!



As things are progressing (and Plextor haven’t even sent a second letter to Alex Noe or Zeb ,
15 days after their ‘deadline.’) You people at Plextor seem to make the headlines in NewsForge
05 july 2005 and other places too .

What happened ? :confused:

Were You/Plextor convinced by some nasty attourney that You could create more interest in
PlexTools Professional XL by making up an industrial spy-story ? :eek:

This is Your chance to tell us here OR in the thread Pxlinux : it’s over ! (with over 36.500 viewings …)
that You’ve been victim of some demonic lawyers :a or consultant soon to be fired !

This is also meant as a thread in which You can address other issues , before making relevant decisions
(that is relevant to a great deal of Your customers and others !) , listen to complaints ie about hardware
that people here at CDFREAKS cannot and shall not resolve ; here’s Your chance to drop us some lines !

PS : By the way , how nice of You people at Plextor , to improve so much
on the non-profit version of PlexTools Professional in so few days … :bigsmile: Quoting :

Version history of PlexTools Professional

PlexTools Professional V2.24b released on 13 July 2005
Bug Fix:
DAE: if ABR is selected in LAME preferences and the ‘Average Bitrate’ is set to a lower value
than the ‘Minimum Bitrate’, a warning is given when the window is closed.

PlexTools Professional V2.24a released on 12 July 2005
General: support PX-740UF and PX-716UFL
DAE: The ‘Mode’ option in the LAME preferences has now ‘Joint Stereo’ as default value
Bug Fix:
DAE: When choosing ABR in LAME, the encoded files have an extremely low bitrate.
Q-Check Beta/Jitter Test: The jitter values for DVD media are not always correct.

PlexTools Professional V2.24 released on 08 July 2005
support latest drives
Drive Information: Detection of read/write capability for DVD-R DL
DAE: New option ‘Mode’ in the preferences (‘Extra Options’) for LAME encoder
Disc Copy: ‘Update Image’-button in the CD-TEXT editor window
Bug Fix:
Disc Maker: PTP crashes when writing a project to disc with ‘On The Fly’ disabled.
CD/DVD RW Erase: When erasing a DVD-RW, PTP seems to be freezed (not responsive)
Write TRT: test does not work on DVD+RW with booktype set to DVD-ROM


Newsforge took weeks between receiving my answer to their questions and adding factual errors until they brought the story (15 days after their deadline = Jun 16), some information is a bit outdated…


Yeah , but nevertheles look at the date (5 july 2005) at NewsForge’s top-story
and all the PlexTools Professional - improvements (8 , 12 , 13 july 2005)… :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


I got the feeling that Plextor trying to clean up the mess and pay us back with those Plextools 2.24, 2.24a/b improvements? Guess I’m just a positive guy? :slight_smile:


For me, cleaning up the mess = having their lawyers send an email saying that they retreat


You can’t deny that they’re trying very hard to improve the PlexTools bugs that are reported on this forum. That is a positive thing: they’re reading this forum and they are reponding (indirectly) by fixing the problems.


Well , Alex , my indirect request to them is to do it here , in public .

Wouldn’t You like that a whole lot more ??? :flower:


Well, I can’t give Plextor any credit for cleaning up any mess yet, as it is the company’s responsibility to quash any bugs in its software, or for making improvements in its software.

I would give it credit, however, for printing a public retraction and sending official correspondence to AlexNoe and Zeb that they were not only wrong and acted very inappropriately, but also completely retract their claims against those guys. I would also give it credit to get its act together and start vigorously checking the quality of the drives it produces and ensure RMAs are not the same half-ass effort their drives were for users that got sorry ones. When they start doing all that and make public statements ackowledging their responsibility to their consumers, then I’ll give Plextor credit. I’m sorry, but when there’s that much ‘collateral damage’ from such a ‘ho-hum’ approach to production, QC, then you don’t start trying to ‘clean up the mess’ until you see that people are on to you, that’s spineless in my book. The only way ‘spineless’ gets corrected is by a major dose of ‘guts,’ so until I see them showing some ‘guts’ to make things right (that shouldn’t have gone wrong in the first place), then I’ll say they’ve accomplished something.


Well , would You say Plextor accomplish something if they listen to You -
and perhaps answer You - in this thread (or at Pxlinux : it’s over !) ?

I understand the drastic approach You take Quema34 , and in the large picture
I completely agree ; but my point with this invitation is that it is not always easy
to see the large picture if one is too close (employed at Plextor e.g.) and we try
constructively to find a common ground .

Exactly at this point , I don’t want to discourage them from posting here … :wink:


I’d better stay clear, then… :stuck_out_tongue:

brjones pretty much summed of my own most recent thoughts here:

Although, to be completely honest Plextor has probably fallen too low in my esteem to ever hope to get my business back. After all, my quacking friend, those two guys from 6 months ago are still on my Ignore :kiss: List!


Did You just call me a Quack ??? I’m the best doctor You can get for curing dutch diseases and painful Plexism !!!
:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Eh , who are those two guys ??? :confused: G & D ? I’ve read somewhere that G doesn’t wanna own or look at XL and D
has stepped in to defend Alex and Zeb … imagine me defending G & D ? :eek: (Actually I did , indirectly elsewhere …)

Maybe I haven’t read that fine article (untill now) by brjones , but I think I’ll just quote something from his article :

Of course I can understand You want Premium712A (my dear cousin here in Denmark) UNBANNED (we all do ,
even Kenshin :stuck_out_tongue: ) so do I , but sometimes the best way to change things is with Love and a Magnum 44 !!! :flower: :cop:


Well, there’s an old saying: If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…

Eh , who are those two guys ??? G & D ? I’ve read somewhere that G doesn’t wanna own or look at XL and D
has stepped in to defend Alex and Zeb … imagine me defending G & D ? (Actually I did , indirectly elsewhere …)

Okay, I see your point. I have removed everyone from my Ignore List.

Now … all Plexie has to do is come out with a $29.95 unit that will burn 8.5GB on single layer discs at 32x before December 31 and maybe there will be some rapproachment. Considering they haven’t yet mastered 16x writing, :rolleyes: that’s a tall order!


Seems to be a problem for people to communicate on the right threads …

Someone name “FORTIUS”

believes Plextor is a HUGE company (OK , they had enough money to buy some BenQ’s :doh: :o :clap: :rolleyes: )
and that ClubCDFREAKS are an unimportant forum to users of CD/DVD-recorders ?

Well , we are not gonna tell You why You’re mistaken , the declining income on Plextor’s sales
and the wasted money they spend on another smart lawyer trying to “infiltrate” CDFREAKS !

“FORTIUS” = means “stronger” , which may indicate that Plextor goes Olympic ( Citius , Altius , Fortius)
and sponsors something or Plextor believe they have a stronger case now ?

Or it may mean someone is betting all his/her money on that Plextor wins the case ??? LOL :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


I’ll take some of that action … I offer 3-1 on the Challenger from Chemnitz knocking out Shinano “Yakuza” Kenshi in the first round.


Generally speaking. I have to say this sorry, IN MY OPINION most corperate lawyers are like teachers or the bosses son. Neither wants a real job or they got thier jobs through realations. Either in my opinion are pathetic ** who are only exceeded in their uselessness by polititions… Ed St.Antoine


I can understand your invitation, Premium…, but I don’t think it’s ‘drastic’ to ask someone to stop creating trouble and to shape up, whether that means asking them to pursue important things, like seriously improving their write strategies with better fw updates (that are seriously lacking compared to others like BenQ), to stop ignoring rampant quality problems on the 716 line–on both initial production and RMAs. Once any person or company goes so ‘overboard,’ it’s not reasonable to expect people to welcome you with open arms–at least until you make serious strides to correct the multitudinous problems caused by such neglect. Also, one cannot expect to not have to ‘take one’s medicine’ or to not ‘take one’s lumps’ until one re-establishes a basis for trust the entity so seriously compromised and left even some of its most ardent supporters doubting as to any of its future offerings.

Hey, I’m willing to forgive and bury the hatchet, but Plextor has to make good on what it did wrong. It can’t ask anyone to forgive and treat it nicely as if nothing happened, because it alienated many and is still taking a ‘ho-hum’ approach to fw updates and RMAs. Really, I consider this being ‘constructive,’ as I and others are simply expressing feelings about Plextor and improvements they must make. Provided Plextor makes restitution and makes the necessary improvements, then I’ll gladly give them credit for that.:iagree:


Hehe. multitudinous??? :confused: Must be the word of the day and for us without a dictionary handy what does that mean.:bigsmile:


[li]Very numerous; existing in great numbers.
[/li][li]Consisting of many parts.
[/li][li]Populous; crowded.

Guess that it comes from the latin word “multitudo”: see e.g. here.




Thank You.:slight_smile:


You’re welcometudinous. :bigsmile: