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Watching HDTV it is not an exclusive of an home theater system. Now it is possible also on computers, providing that a wide screen is available and a proper receiver installed.An interesting product…

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This is rubbish :frowning: . No h.264 reception. h.264 offer a better compression, conducting to a better PQ. And is used in many countries: . This product should be baned from selling in countries where h.264 is used. What’s wondering is that the 99% of tuners don’t have h.264 support. I finded only one exception: AVerTV Hybrid Volar HX : :S

There probably isn’t any h.264 support because it isn’t part of the HDTV standard. MPEG-2 is. I know some folks are using h.264 for some of thier broadcast needs, but they also use hardware intended for that use as well. It is unlikely that h.264 will gain much in the over the air market because it kills backward compatability of TVs already out there, and that would tend to piss of far more consumers than the small group of folks who would actually know the differences between MPEG2 and h.264. :slight_smile:

H264 is not a part of the ATSC standard but it sure is for DVB-T. Here in New Zealand next year DVB-T with H264 will be the terriestial SD and HD standard…