Plextor firmware updates

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Yesterday when everybody was busy with their second christmas day, Plextor Europe sended us the news that they have updated their page with 2 new firmwares. For the PX-S88T/TU firmware version 1.05…

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Has NE1 else with the Plex 24X updated to 1.03 yet. Does it make any differences to it’s ability to do SD2 and so on, like the difference between 1.00 and 1.02. Don’t wanna update yet till I make sure it doesn’t make it worse!!

My drive is now in PIO mode… Is it normal ???

djogo did you disable the dma when you re flashed the plex ? with this latest firmware i updated mine, still works OK, but cannot confirm SD II as i dont have anything to copy thats protected with it. tally ho Rick :slight_smile:

Yes, I disable it. I’m under Win XP and it’s impossible to activate DMA now. Therefore, I notice the drive is in mode UDMA 2 when I boot my computer (BIOS) … I don’t understand why XP doesn’t see it …

I forced XP to redetect the primary IDE channel … Now , it works … :slight_smile:

How can i activate or check wether my plex is using dma mode under xp?

To check drive info get infotool.exe from cd speed 2000 site :wink:

strange, this program doesn’t even start ? Is there any other way to check it ?

Using CloneCD I was able to make perfect copies od Stonghold (SD2 protected)with both the version 1.02 and 1.03 firmware. I also compared images of the the same game using the different firmware versions and they were identical. :slight_smile:

firmware version 1.03 for plextor px-w 2410ta sucks!!! after flashing my drive with that crap, it refused to accept ‘key2audio’-protected discs. version 1.02 worked fine, even without clonecd!! leave it!! it seems as if the audio-mafia has forced plextor to make such restrictions!!