Plextor firmware update: PX - W1210TA v1.09

I just posted the article Plextor firmware update: PX - W1210TA v1.09.

Plextor sends us the news that there is a new firmware available on their website. The drive affected with this update is the PX-W1210TA.

Here are the changes:

PX - W1210TA V1.09

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funny… i got 2 coasters today (haven’t had those since 100 cd’s ago) seems my “burn-proof” is broken… 2cd’s written with burn-proof stopped at 88%… without it it worked fine… i’m using Win2k btw gonna call the shop tommorow, it’s 2 weeks out of warranty, i hope i can still get a new one just to be sure :frowning:

Is this because of the new firmware ?

I can’t download this firmware V1.09 file from Plextor site, it says “file not found”! :c

Yep says that for last 2 days!! :d

go to any Web search engine and type in as follows “THE FIRMWARE PAGE” (without the quotes.) u will find all the firmware under the sun for any drives at this site… i upgraded my Plexie with this new firmware and had nothing but hassle running WinXP… i had to install the drive on a machine that was running Win98SE and i unchecked the DMA option in Device Manager and then downgraded the firmware to 1.04… now my drive is working fine … and i went back to using Win2000 Pro… maybe i had other probs with my system under WinXP… i don’t know… so be careful guys… and make sure the DMA function is turned off on the O/S befor u do the FIRMWARE upgrade…

I think they removed the firmware upgrade because they found out it was not working properly on all systems!! :frowning: