Plextor external 12/10/32S

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Plextor Introduces External Version of 12/10/32S CD-RW Drive With Ultra SCSI Interface. Ultra SCSI Interface Delivers High Performance with Fast Data…

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I dont know about external… Seems like your opening up for some problems when you burn at 12x…

External sucks!! It looks stupid… :frowning:

I am happy with my Internal Plextor 12x cd writer

thanks for the info anyway

I have one plextor 12/4/32 Internal, the burner is really perfect…

Plextor is the best…

The only good thing about external CDR is that they run cooler, can be taken to other locations and most important can be shut off when not needed therefore preventing undue wear and tear.

Well I disagree… External burners are a waste of money… yeah you can take em anywhere … but are you really going to ? Its not like they are made better. External dial up modems were the thing to buy cause they were better than internal ones … but internal burners are better now cause they are cheaper and the do the same job for like $100 less and you cannot make them skip as easily.

The only benifit for an external drive would be for somone who has no room in their case … in that situation I would buy another case cause it would probably be cheaper … plus the less cables out the back of my comp the better.
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Awesome site, the webcam part is cool. I should do that too…

you don’t have to do it for the cooling, just put an extra fan in your comp… and for preventing undea wear and tear when shutting down, hehe, my plexie is burning all day :wink:

wear doesnt really tare a good drive… does it!

anyway, external drives are just for people who are too scared to open their PC case… yes you are! chickkkkken!

If you are calling me a chicken you jerk grow up. I just gave the pros of using external drive and if you cant come up with anything logical just shut the fuck up. I made three of my systems myself, two of them dual CPU with SCSI RAID, so who is afraid of opening the case. I use both external and internal CDRW and have experienced the pros and cons of both setup. Running any electronic components for whole day and doing nothing on them just puts undue wear on them. The fan on the Plextor draws in dust for nothing and eventualy wears itself out. Case fans do jack shit when the ambient temparature outside your PC is high.