Plextor extends its product line with CD-Recordable's

I just posted the article Plextor extends its product line with CD-Recordable’s.

Today Plextor Europe send us a press release in which they announce an extension of their product line. This time it’s not a new recorder but high-quality CD-Recordable media certified for 48X…

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They better be Taiyo-Yuden or Mitsui discs or alot of people will be highly dissapointed.

The discs I have received with my Plextor drives look the same as the ones on the picture. They were Taiyo Yuden made so I think you can be pretty sure these discs will also be of a quality manufacturer.

The new Plextor discs are in fact TYs. The new 48X Fujis (also TY) use the same packaging - it seems TY has stopped using the old “screw-top” design. Even though the new Plextor discs are using the same TY media that Fuji uses, Plextor will charge twice as much because of their “King of Quality” reputation. I’ll stick with my 50-pack Fuji for $15! Sigh…Plextor was once an innovator. At least they use quality media and not some Ritek shite…

Cool…I was wondering if the new 48X Fuji’s were still TY. The absents of that famous screw cap had me worried.