Plextor explains SafeDisc 2 issue next week to us



I just posted the article Plextor explains SafeDisc 2 issue next week to us.

One of the biggest issues on the site right now is the Plextor and SafeDisc2 story. Some people report that with a firmware upgrade Plextor drives don’t backup with SafeDisc 2 protected games…

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Some words on this matter from a Plextoe ‘employee’ would be great. Finally some clear words, at least I hope so… I’ll stay tuned :wink:


Unfortunely this is prob the shape of things to come. Macrovision etc are realising that it will be very difficult to stop us copying games becoz of clone cd etc if the hardware is still capable. Although i am annoyed at what plextor have done i can understand that they must have had great pressure on them to change, and other companies will prob be forced to follow as well. Stopping the cd writer from doing this is probably only a quick measure and future cd writers will prob not be able to do it at all because of hardware modifications. Maybe our only hope if future drives are still capable of copying safe disc but just cant because of firmwares, will be hacked firmwares…


Speaking of Hacked firmwarez, No one can manipulate the firmware so that it does write SD2? Someone said it was because of the Sanyo chipset in the drives? Apparently all the drives that cant write SD2 have a Sanyo chipset…


I’ll stay tuned too :slight_smile: I think a lot of people want that Plextor changes this conection with Macrovision . This is necessary if want to continue being Nº 1 . :4


How about some programmer making a “Hacked” Firmware for e.g. the Plex 16 burner ? There must be some guys capable of making a firmware that can burn SD2, surely it can be done ! Come on programmers … Where’s your skills now ? WE NEED HELP ! :c


It cant be that hard since all you would be changing is the the sector where trhe burner would right the SD2 info… But then again let me not put my foot in my mouth… :+


Yes i agree that hacked firmwares cant b that hard (speaking from no experience though!) becoz they r done on dvd drives all the time with hacked firmwares for region free. And the theroy of it is the Sanyo chipset that is at fault is bullshit becoz a firmware change would not have made a differnece. I look forward to hearing plextor’s say on this…