Plextor Europe releases PlexTools Professional v2.14

I just posted the article Plextor Europe releases PlexTools Professional v2.14.

PlexFreak and eltranquil both reported to us
that Plextor Europe has released a new version of their
PlexTools Professional software. With the PlexTools Professional software you

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Are the problems with the nForce chipset solved? I hope so!

Damn, site is down. :frowning:

Update (English manual):
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Thanks for the link DiggnSaeg:), but the DL is very slow at the moment. :frowning:

The USA site has been fine, the Europe (bel) homepage has taken ages at times, and it took from 11am till gone 9pm to get the file - with many ‘server disconnects’ in the process. Busy for file access is one thing, trouble getting to the Europe homepage is another - perhaps Plextor should invest in better IT people.