Plextor Europe releases new firmwares for PX-708A and Premium

I just posted the article Plextor Europe releases new firmwares for PX-708A and Premium.

 Plextor Europe notified us  that there are two new firmware releases available on their website. The  firmwares for their latest dual format 8x DVD recorder and the Plextor Premium  CD-RW drive...
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Sweeet! I’m getting my PX-708A delivered tomorrow!.. and already a new firmware… keep up the good work Plextor! and turn this baby into a king! :S

I purchased my Plextor PX-708A last week and it came installed with firmware version 1.01 :wink:

I’ve read the review of the Plextor PX-708A and it seems my old PX-320A (with firmware v1.06) has the same capabilities as the PX-708A ie. can burn Securon 4.77, Safedisc (all version 2), problem with Laserlock (same as PX-708A), but no problem with Libcrypt. With audio, same result as the PX-708A. Wonder if I should wait till next year for the next generation Plextor’s drive?..

Nahh… you might as well buy now as its amazingly cheap for a brand new bleeding-edge drive… $ 372 CDN ($ 290 USD)… I mean… when was the last time a brand new tech came out and it was actually cheaper than its predecessor but far more feature-plenty… Psshhhh! I mean what a concept: new tech cheaper and delievers more than the original!
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I picked mine up at for $268.54 shipped! With the ability to burn at 8x with 4x DVD+R media (under 8 minutes) and 4x with DVD+RW media, this drive is a MUST HAVE :B

The above dollar amount should say $268.54 USD :B

$ 241 {;p))

I would not trust burning x8 onto x4 media at all - it may work, but why do this? Just how many damn dvdr’s are people burning for the friends - or selling? x2 = 30mins (not a pain is it), x4 = 15mins (less of a pain) - what is so damn important to get an 8min burn?, especially when your pushing unknown media (its all new, no life expectancy to prove quality yet) - so why face the possibilty the pushed burnt media may start failing in months to come?

Icey - good rule of thumb! If its REAL IMPORTANT DATA then burn at 4x but if its so-so then 8x it. Then again as every week goes by 8x media will be available. Gawd… DVD burning has never been soo convenient!!

For those in the US lowered the price on the Plextor PX-708A to $ 262 with free shipping. If I didn’t just build a new computer for the wife I’d be ordering one today.

In The UK its £200 inclusive of VAT, as it so popular for the time being I will wait. Until stocks are replenished I will keep my newly invested external FireWire Sony DRX-510UL x4 +/- DVDR. Saying that I will keep both drives:g Intercept…:S