Plextor Europe releases firmware 1.02 for PX-708A drive

Plextor PX-708A/UF firmware v1.02:

Fixed Bugs:

[ul][li]Some drives cannot read DVD+RW media that was recorded on PX-708A.
[/li][li]Some drives cannot capture audio from US CD-RW media that was recorded on PX-708A.
[/li][li]Writing sometimes fails on DVD-R/RW media using Nero.
[/li][li]Re-format CD-RW media with Roxio’s Drag to Disc sometimes fails.
[/li][li]The first session of a multisession disc that was recorded with Nero cannot be read.[/ul]Added:

  • [li]Support for 3.9GB DVD-R media.


[ul][li]Write performance for 4x DVD+R at 8x writing.
[/li][li]Write performance for DVD-R media.
[/li][li]Write performance for DVD-RW media.
[/li][li]Support for newer CD-R media.
[/li][li]Improved Buffer Control routines.[/ul]Notification: After upgrading to version V1.02, it will be impossible to install a lower version of firmware in this drive.
Download here.