Plextor Europe released Plextools Pro 2.19a

Plextools Pro 2.19a (english manual), or download page here.


PlexTools Professional V2.19a released on 3 January 2005

* Added: Support for latest drives
* Support for Chinese Windows

* Bug Fix: several minor bug-fixes

Guess that 2.19 was buggy… :wink:

BTW, I wrote “Plextor Europe” but it came out of my mind… appeared
on the original Plextools website, of course!


Thanks ET, I’m installing it now.

Scan test using 2.19a plextools

Plextor 716a TLA:0101 with fw 1.03

Disk was burned on my pioneer A08XL fw 1.18 at 12x

Then scanned with both plextools (716a fw 1.03) and dvdinfopro on my BenQ 1620 fw B7T9

Just so we can compare here is the same disk scanned on 716A but using alex’s program.

I also have turned the logscale off so it will look like scans above.

Thanks for the info ET, :wink:

I understand it’s Plextor Europe but no Asian languages there as always. A Japanese-language version is on the server though. Japanese version is 13,730,549 bytes by the way. :slight_smile: As always also available on my page but Plextor Europe kindly asked me to link to Plextor Europe or PlexTools download links. :slight_smile:

I haven’t rebooted this PC since Monday but Plextools 2.19a prompted me to do so now. :sad:

I hate that so much. :a

Most of the times (to be exact, all the times that I tried) you can ignore
the reboot message, close the current PlexTools and start the new one
with no problems… unfortunately, under Windows there is the tendency
to suggest/force a reboot for almost everything… :wink:



Somehow after I installled the 2.19a update, PlexTools didn’t start and that’s why I mentioned it. It’s probably because of something wrong with my previous installation.

Plextor Japan’s not updated yet.

Only ptp218upjp works.

Plextor 2.19a also removed the securec and gigarec functions for my 712SA.

Get that DVD out of it, insert a blank CD-R and watch them reappear… :slight_smile:

thats funny, there wasn’t anything in the drive, as was there nothing in my Plex Premium, which picked these functions up, even when empty, I re-installed 18, and checked again functions were present for the Plex premium, 712SA and 716SA.